Element Soldier
(Bishōnen Sentai Eremento Senshi)
Original RunMay 2017
EpisodesManga: Ongoing (1 volume)
Element Soldier (美少年戦隊エレメント戦士 Bishōnen Sentai Eremento Senshi?, lit. Handsome Squadron Element Soldier) is a Japansese-American magical boy/girl manga written and illustrated by CureKurogane which is based on Sailor Moon written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. It was originally serialized in Nakayoshi and publushed by Kodansha Comics. The series is set in an alternate timeline of Sailor Moon, which follows a second-year high school student named Hizaki Kaichirou as he transforms into the Fire Soldier, Guardian of Salamander to save the Earth from the evil Queen Eris along with his fellow Element Soldiers, who later encounter a group of Sailor Senshi named the Sailor Maidens, who are also fighting Eris and her generals.


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Set after the end of the SM series, Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi have disappeared without a trace after Sailor Galaxia returned the Star Seeds to their respective ones and the Earth was now living in peace. However, the peace broke when a new threat looms over the now pure planet and she is in the search of the Crystal Article of Gaia, a mystical artifact that keeps the Earth in balance. Queen Eris, the pillar of Chaos wanted this Article for her own desire: to taint all life all over the planet and she she isn't alone. Sensing her power, a young husky-like creature named Rhea was awakened and was given by the voice of Mother Earth to find a group of legendary warriors called the Element Soldiers who bestow the spirit of the Element Symbols: Salamander, Undine, Gnome, Raiden, and Apollo.

During her mission, Rhea meets Hizaki Kaichiro, a second-year high school student and she discovers that he holds the Symbol of Salamander, thus being the first Element Solider: the Fire Soldier!


Element SoldiersEdit

  • Hizaki Kaichirou (日崎嘉一郎 Hizaki Kaichirō?) /  Fire Soldier (ファイアーソルジャー Faiā Sorujā?) : The main protagonist of the series. Kaichirou is a second year at Sumizome Academic High School and the star basketball player of the school team, the Sumizome Tigers. This young man is very hot-blooded when it comes to playing his favorite sport, but not so much when it comes to studying. It is revealed that he's the son of a yakuza leader, but rather focus on school than being a gangster. He has heard about Sailor Moon and how much she's done for the planet, but doesn't know that he bestows the Symbol of Salamander until now. Kaichirou can transform into the Fire Soldier and can manipulate fire.
  • Kaidou Minato (海道湊 Kaidō Minato?) / Ocean Soldier (オーシャンソルジャー Ōshan Sorujā?):  The second Element Soldier of the series. Like Kaichirou, Minato goes to Sumizome Academic High School and is the president of the student council. He's very kind and organized and often cheers Kaichirou up whenever he gets into trouble, which leads to him being scolded for being 'too soft'. All of the girls are attracted to Minato, but he isn't interested in them because he wanted to focus on duty as the school president and help the others succeed in their years. He holds the Symbol of Undine and can transform into the Ocean Soldier, bestowing the element of water.
  • Chihara Juuken (地原十検 Chihara Jūken?) / Nature Soldier (ネイチャーソルジャー Neichā Sorujā?): The third Element Soldier of the series. Juuken is also a second year at Sumizome and is the tallest member of the group. He shares the same strength and personality, but has a gentle heart, and maybe it's due to the divorce of his parents and his younger brother, Juuta leaving with his mother. Juuken loves the outdoors and currently works at his father's cafe part time. He holds the Symbol of Gnome and can transform into the Nature Soldier, bestowing the element of nature.
  • Ikazuchigawa Kei (雷川圭 Ikazuchigawa Kei?) / Thunder Soldier (サンダーソルジャー Sandā Sorujā?): The fourth Element Soldier of the series. Kei comes from a loving family and has an older brother, Kinjiro who is studying abroad in America. He is a young man who has his own flaws and tries to see what's right and wrong which sometimes can bring himself and the others into trouble. Kei is a very bright young man, but he too gets bad grades like Kaichirou and would come in late to his classes at Saijou Private High School. But as an Element Soldier, he is a very skilled fighter and is quick to pull off an attack. He holds the Symbol of Raiden (Raijin) and can transform into the Thunder Soldier, bestowing the element of thunder.
  • Mitsune Yuuta (光音裕太 Mitsune Yūta?) / Holy Soldier (ホーリーソルジャー Hōrī Sorujā?): The fifth and last Element Soldier of the team. Yuuta is shown to be very friendly and hyper, but a bit air-headed and loves playing video games. Like Kaichirou, Minato, and Juuken, he is a second year at Sumizome High School and is part of the Arcade Club. Yuuta is a slacker and gets the most lowest grades than Kaichirou and Kei combined, but he shows a lot of loyalty to his friends. He is also a very doting older brother to two young twins, Ban and Kana and would do anything to protect them and the rest of his family. He holds the symbol of Apollo can transform into the Holy Soldier, bestowing the element of light.

Sailor MaidensEdit

  • Tsukimiya Ayume (月宮あゆめ Tsukimiya Ayume?) / Sailor Nova (セーラーノーヴァ Sērā Nōvu~a?)
  • Alice Torrington (アリストリントン Arisu Torinton?) / Sailor Ceres (セーラーセレス Sērā Seresu?)
  • Meilin Wong (メイリン・ウォン Meirin U~on?) / Sailor Flora (セーラーフローラ Sērā Furōra?)
  • Nahla Kwambai (ナラ クワンバイ Nara Kuwanbai?) / Sailor Khione (セーラーキオネー Sērā Kionē?)
  • Mirabella Laughton (ミラベラロートン Mirabera Rōton?) / Sailor Aether (セーラーイーサー Sērā Īsā?)



Transformation ItemsEdit

Magical ItemsEdit

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