Eden is a song from Mermaid Melody Crystal Pitch.


What is Eden?

Where is Eden?

Is Eden even real?

These are questions people ask about Eden

The real questions people should as are

What Is Eden to you?

Where is Eden to you?

Is Eden really everyone's own private paradise?

To Me Eden is being near the one I love

To talk to him is like being true paradise

Going on a date with him feels like being in Eden

He is Eden To me and always will be

To me, Eden is going to my favourite places

Like the cafe that serves my favourite deserts

My bedroom that is my own private space

And being in the club that I enjoy so much

To me, Eden is doing my favourite things

Like sewing and designing clothes

Making beautiful and stylish jewelry

And drawing and writing manga

To me, Eden is all kinds of things

Eden is being with my best friends

Is doing what I Love to do

And being with my beloved boyfriend

Eden Is all kinds of things to different people

To some it is being with their boyfriend or best friends

To some it is going to their favourite places

And To some It is doing what they enjoy the most

No matter who you are

You have your eden

It will always be what is most important to

And that will never change

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