Dragon Up!
(Doragon appu!)
DirectorUser:Stardust Fantasy
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJune 6 2016 - ??
SuccessorDragon Change
Opening SongInvader Dragon!
Ending SongEternity

Chance Summer Flame

 Dragon Up! (ドラゴンアップ!Doragon appu!) is an series created Stardust Fantasy and it's first series. The story focuses on a human girl discovering 8 mini dragons (Much like Pina from SAO) who came to invade Earth but change their mind when they discovered that the world is fine as it is. Read the plot to find out more.


Contine from the introduction.When they discovered that their world, Drago Island (I made it up lol) and Earth is falling apart because when half of the humans don't believe in mythical or fantasy creatures (no ghouls or trolls!) they have to turn into their human self and save the world for some villians and destruction. After this, they continue to live a adventrous life known as, Dragon Change.



  • Natsuno Himeka - The main human character of this series. She has a quiet, shy, but caring personality about her friends. When her friends are in danger and when she wakes up during her sleep she goes demon mode. She is voiced by Kozakura Etsuko.
  • Natsuno Mikan - The sister of Himeka. Unlike Himeka, she has the opposite personality, she's athletic, and mindless. Mikan and Leo has a love/hate for each other, showing that Leo is a troublemaker and always getting beat up by Mikan.
  • Mizuhara Taichi


  • Jason - The main leader of the dragon army. He has a younger sister names Emeralda, who idolizes him. When his friends and her sister is in danger, he grows overprotective.
  • Hero - A dragon who loves to hang out with Taichi and Emeralda. He is sometimes a crybaby. He has a crush on Emeralda due to her carefree nature.
  • Leo - The mischevious and prankster of the group. He has a crush on Mikan because of her Strength and Beauty.
  • Emeralda - Jason's younger sister. Sometimes, when she sees pretty female dragons, she would ask them to marry her brother, Jason. She is voiced by Morohoshi Sumire.
  • Millie
  • Adara
  • Lumina
  • Thedore



  • This was inspiered by Jewelpet Magical Change!

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