Dragon Spirit
('Doragon Supritto')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunDecember 19, 2015
Opening SongRyū no Tamashi
Ending SongSpirit of the Sword


Băo Lián Wen Lí is a girl passioned by dragons,she likes doing painting with ink, flowers, animals, playing with her little brother and martial arts. With her older brother Meng Yao and her little brother Koji, she loves playing with them and is always smiling and is very joyful, with her bestfriend Isis (who is egyptian from her origins) loves shopping and going out with her. Băo Lián was with Isis but then a demon attacked them, with her powers, Lián defeated the demon who disappeared into ashes. Lián, Meng Yao and Koji's mother and father are a god and a goddess, their father is the White Dragon Knight who saved China from an attack of the Dark Dragon Knight who gave his Sacred Sword to him when he was defeated. Their mother is a Queen and master of a powerful magic and the King and Queen possesses legendary dragons. Lián along with her bestfriends all possess dragons and they have to learn how to control their powers and how to defeat demons. But with the presence of Dizan the Demon King and his Ten Hells, their goal to defeat all demons is much more harder.



  • Color: Lime Green
  • Element: Nature

Băo Lián is a very smart, joyful and calm girl, she is very artistic and has a lot of talent, she likes practicing martial arts like aikido, kung fu and judo. She wasn't aware of her parents' true identities and her goddess identity too, she masterizes knives and nature, she possesses a totality of six dragons. Due to her being very skilled at manipulating knives,she is called the Mistress of Knives and also White Lily. When she uses her powers, her hair flies, her eyes glows and she is surrounded by a lime green aura. Lián really is determined to take down the Demon King, with the help of her dragons. Lián is very good at using weapons like swords, chakrams or spears which are one of her weapons. Lián is a fierce fighter and being very powerful, she works a lot on controlling her powers. She acts like an adult sometimes and as an older sister to almost everyone in serious situations. Lián is always ready to fight and will give everything she has to take down Dizan forever.

  • Color: Orange (normal), Dark Green, (snake form), Black (cat form), Egyptian Blue (bird form).
  • Element: Light

Isis is Băo Lián's bestfriend since childhood,they know a lot on each other but she wasn't aware of Lián's (as she nicknames her) goddess identity. Isis is a very positive girl, she is always smiling and is a very joyful kind of person, she also shown to be very powerful. She practices gymnastics and martial arts, despite her smiling and kind of air-headed behavior, she is a hard fighter and can be very serious when needed. She is a good friend and when they are sad, she always finds a way to make them laugh and always comfort them. She is a huge fan of cats, and has cat plushes, charms and has a total of 6 cats in her house. Isis loves singing, dancing and aspires to be a great dance someday. She also wants to take down the Demon King and lives a happy life with her bestfriends.

  • Color: Red
  • Element: Fire

Mei is one of the powerful goddesses who exists,she is kind of arrogant and is very demanding, she knows Băo Lián and wasn't aware of her being a goddess. When she learned about it and the dragonw Băo Lián possesses she was a bit jealous but as a good friend of her she decided to not be jealous over her friends. However she was doubtful about Isis' goddess nature because of her personality and her powers, but when she saw how Isis is on the battlefield, she changed her mind. Mei is a very elegant girl, she like Lián speaks in a very proper and elegant manner, she lives with her mother. Her father was killed during a war, she started to have a more friendly relationship with Lián and Isis and invites her to her house to spend times together. Mei is very kind and caring in the inside and is a fierce fighter.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Element: Wind

Mei Feng is one of the kindest goddesses, she is very gentle and has powerful powers,despite her very kind personality, she's one of the powerful Goddess of War. She can creates powerful storms and rainstorms who can cause disasters and natural catastrophes with her two giants yellow fans. She's very kind and the first time she met Lián, Isis and Mei Feng thanked her and they becamed friends,she shows a lot of admiration for Băo Lián and it is seen mostly when Lián is battling,she is always with "stars in her eyes" when she is with Lián. Same if she is one of the powerfulest Goddesses of War,her powers doesn't exceed Băo Lián's due to the fact than she possesses the legendary Dragon Eye. The dragon eye is Băo Lián's right eye who "carries" the seal of her family, every time she activate it, her enemies explodes. Her main finisher is Flurry with Ming Zhu as two giant fans.

  • Color: Dark Blue

Yue is a very combative god, he always knew how to defeat his ennemies because he is very strategic and always find the "right calculation". He knows Ming Yao and are good friends together, they sometimes fight together with Léi the thunder god. He is very interested in Băo Lián and she is actually his love interest, he deeply cares about her and when she's injured he is always the first to run to help her. His main powers are based on the stars and constellations, he is the God of Time and Space, and his shinseis are not like the others. Ming Yao wants him to take good care of his little sister, because he is aware of that he wants Lián to be happy, Yue promised to be the perfect boy for Băo Lián. When he saved Băo Lián, Isis, Mei and Mei Feng, Lián was really affected and fell in love with Yue. He is really happy with Băo Lián and wants her and her and his friends to be safe and happy.

  • Color: Lime Green
  • Element: Chi

Meng Yao is Băo Lián's older brother, he has powerful legendary dragons and is known as the God of Time and Chi, he manipulates the Chi without any difficulties and draws his life force on it. His abilities are all related to the Chi, he can infuse the chi on the elements creating mystic weapons and can touch people with his aura. His and his little sister's mother are very proud of them and count on them to make Koji learn how to use his abilities. Ming Yao deeply cares about his family and whenever they are attacked he use his very advanced skills to beat Dizan's demons. He never gives up and trains a lot being the oldest child in the family, he wants Băo Lián and Koji, to draw their force on their Chi and learn how to have a perfect balance. With his sister and brother Meng Yao trains hard to with the help of his friends and Lián's goddess friends, destroy Dizan's empire and the Ten Hells. He is very combative but he is also very caring, he is always here to comfort Lián and Koji to make them smile and be happy he wants all his friends and his girlfriend to have peaceful lives.

  • Color: Lime Green
  • Element: Crystal

Koji is the youngest god, he is 4 years old and despite that possesses strong powers and use telekinesis at the Master Level for his young age. He loves Lián and Ming as he nicknames them and always calls them Onee-chan and Onii-chan, he likes playing with them and training with them. He likes playing with them and likes playing with Mei and Isis' little brothers and is very happy to have friends. He likes making people happy and as the youngest god he wants to use properly his powers to protect the world and all the persons he likes. With the help of his family he wants to protect the world and wants every person in the world to have smiles in their face.


  • Color: Dark Red

Dizan is the leader of the Ten Hells, he wants every powerful Gods and Goddesses to be at his feet, he mostly wants the Wen Lí family to be at his service. If he has an huge grudge on the Wen Lí family, that's because Jiāng defeated him at the time of the Ancestral War between Knights. Having lost the war, he gave his Dark Dragon Sword to Jiāng also known as the Legendary White Dragon Knight and wants him to perish with his family since then. He retrieved his powers when he decided to "feed" on the powers of the other Gods/Goddesses but because these gods are in the memories of lots of human they would reborn. He manipulates demons and they are his servants, he wants them to chase the Wen Lí family off and wants them to perish.


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  • Everything including the weapons are chinese inspired.
  • The shinseis are a bit like the Shinki from Noragami except that they are not spirits they are born from positive and negative emotions and can take human forms.
    • In Isis' case, her cat and her snakes can transforms into weapons but aren't Shinseis.
    • Dragons can also take human forms (i.e Pauline's dragons can take appearances similar to her but with different hair and eye color).

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