Der Zauber (デ・ゾーバー De·Zōbā?, Lit. The Magic) is a magical girl anime created by CureHibiki. It is currently in "production" and the story follows three girls who all have the ability to fight against an enemy that isn't like any other.


Der Zauber EpisodesEdit



Main CharactersEdit

Ester Bähr (エスター・バー Esutā·Bā?)
Ester is the main protagonist of the series. She is a street performer who performs magic tricks to try and gain money cause of how poor her family is. She is cheerful and talented and is home schooled due not having enough money to go to school. She is 15 years old and loves to make others laugh and smile. Ester is afraid of the darkness and abnormal things. When transformed, Ester has the power of holy magic.

Christa Goldreich (クリスター・ゴールドライク Kurisutā·Gōrudoraiku?)
Christa is one of the protagonists of the series. She is a joyful and friendly 14 years old girl who is a huge fan of magical girl anime. She enjoys writing and showing off her stories and is very popular and hates when people ignore her. She can be a bit of a klutz and is very bad at cooking and singing. She is afraid of people forgetting about her when she dies. When transformed, Christa takes the name of Crystal Sorceress (クリスタルソーサレス Kurisutaru Sōsaresu?) and has the power of illusions.

Viktoria Ackner (ビクトーリア・アクナー Bikutōria·Akunā?)
Viktoria is one of the protagonists of the series. She is a blunt and serious sixteen year old girl who isn't afraid to fight things that are stronger or bigger than her. She is very courageous and girly and loves to help others in need. She can be a bit rude at times but doesn't mean too be rude. Viktoria is afraid to lose and see humanity die out. When transformed, Viktoria has the power of storms.


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