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Cute Earth Defense Club is the 4K!ds dub of the original Japanese anime, inan Kōkō Chikyū Bōeibu Love!.

The story focuses on the lives of five ordinary boys, each of them possessing an extraordinary nature-based power given to them by a mysterious creature from outer space. The group, calling themselves the "Earth Defense Club", must stop the enemies intent on conquering Earth known as the "Earth Destroy Club "

Episode 7 - 13 Couldnt be dubbed for Copyright Reasons and the Contract Stopped

Reruns are airing on Toonami every Weekend

Characters Edit

Arthur Griffin (Yumoto Hakone) : He is a first year student whose family owns a Resort. He is a carefree boy who adores animals, cute things, and also loves food. He transforms into the Battle Skarlet Pink. His color is red and his element is light.

Jason Patterson (En Yufuin) : He is a third year student. He is a major sloth and does everything at his own pace. He is usually seen with Michael. Jason is also portrayed as somewhat vain, having reached 18 he becomes concerned that his youthful looks are fading. He transforms into the Flashing Prince; Battle Fighter Blue. His color is blue and his element is water.

Micheal Wilson (Atsushi Kinugawa) : He is a third year student and the only one who wears glasses in the club. He comes from a rich family, has good grades and is very serious. Sometimes, he has to keep an eye on Jason. He is also childhood friends with Paul. He transforms into the Battle Fighter Epinard. His color is green and his element is Wind.

Ryan Nelson (Io Naruko)  : He is a second year student. Despite being in high school, he makes money on the stock market. His motto is "Life is all about Money!". He is also best friends with Adam. He transforms into the Battle Fighter Silver. His color is yellow and his element is earth.

Adam Huges (Ryuu Zaou) : He is a second year student. He is popular with girls (although this is rumored to be false), with date requests being poured in his phone. He is best friends with Ryan. He transforms into the Thrilling Prince; Battle Lover Vesta. His color is pink and his element is fire.

Bracken (Wombat) : A strange pink Fluffy looking creature that appeared from a distant planet, who tells the boys their mission to protect the earth from bad aliens and to fill it with love. The majority of The Earth Defense Club try to shake him off as an abnormal nuisance, minus Arthur of course. However, Bracken quickly remedies this issue by controlling Jason and Micheals homeroom teacher, Mr. Grant, simply by making him hold him. Bracken quickly tries to lasso The Earth Defense Club in by chasing them around whilst begging them to "help him learn about Earth". However, because of the corpse-like state of mind control he has Mr. Grant under,

Conquest Club !

Aaron Collins (Kinshiro Kusatsu) :He is a third year student and the student council president. He is childhood friends with Micheal, but their relationship is distant. He dislikes that Micheal hangs around Jason and the rest of the club. He transforms into Chevalier Aurite

Martin Hill (Ibushi Arima) : He is a third year student and the student council vice-president. He usually stands by Aaron, acting as if he was his butler. He transforms into the silver knight that is fragrant of the wind.

Louis Rogers (Akoya Gero) : He is a second year student. He has an angelic appearance and is a sappy individual. He is in the same class as Ryan and Adam, but he doesn't get along with Adam very well. He transforms into the pearl knight that is in full bloom.

Hedgei (Zundar) : Hedgei is a green hedgehog-looking creature that came from a distant planet to conquer Earth. He ends his sentences with "mar".

Monsters Edit

People who were turned into monsters by the Earth Destroy Club. The names foreshadow what kind of monster they become.

Todd Butler (Kazutake) : An average, ordinary third-year high school student who doesn't stand out. He is turned into a monster.

Peter Murphy (Wario Hashida) : A high school student who is obsessed with order and rules. He is turned into a spoon monster.

Felix Vendant (Moteo Kurotori) : The narcissist Binan High School Ballet Club adviser obsessed with winning the school's pretty boy contest. He is turned into a blue swan monster.

Edits and Changes Edit

  • The Transformation Sequnce is mostly untouched but they were some changes made to avoid showing the genitalia area
  • The Original Music is changed to a new 4Kids Soundtrack
  • The Black Swan monster is turned into an Blue Swan Monster
  • All Scenes with Nudity (expect the Transformation) ,Violence , Gore were edited or cut out
  • The Word Die is changed to fall asleep or "Arthur dont fall Asleep !"

Voices Edit

Eric Stuard as Arthur and Todd

Mark Diriaisen as Jason and Peter

Kenny Green as Micheal and Felix

Dan Green as Ryan and Bracken

Gary Mark as Aaron and Hedgei

Ted Luis as Martin and Louise

Marc Thompsen as Alternative Voice for Arthur

International Dubs Edit

Hebrew Dub : כדור הארץ חמוד ביטחון מועדון! (This Dub Gives the Characters theyre Original Names Back) KidsTV Isreal

French Dub : Mignon Terre Défense Club (7-13 Are gonna be Dubbed 2016, The Original Music Comes Back) Teletoon+

German Dub : Cute High Earth Defense Club Love  : Animax

Vietnamese Dub : Dễ thương đất quốc phòng Câu lạc bộ!  : HTV 3

Tagalog Dub : Kyut Lupa Defense koponan ABC1

Serbian Dub  : Слатка Еартх Дефенсе Клуб MHC1

Romanian Dub  : Drăguț pământ apărare Club Nickelodeon

Türkish Dub  : Sevimli Dünya Savunma Kulübü Show Türk

Arabic Dub : لطيف دفاع النادي الأرض MBC 3

Hungarian Dub  : Aranyos Föld mentése Klub Nickelodeon

Russian Dub : Симпатичные Земля Сохранить клуб STS

Dänish Dub  : Sød jord Gem klubben TV2

Croatian Dub : Slatka Zemlja obrane klub NOVA

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