Cursed Blood: Darksider
('Norowareta Chi: Dākusaidā')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJune 20, 2015
Opening SongMegitsune
Ending SongHeadbanger!!


In the peaceful fields of Texas, Mia and Brittany lives quietly in their house, living with their parents and going to the H. J. Thompson High School, Mia is the Cheerleader Captain of the Texas Bulls (the basketball team of the school) and is very popular among everyone in the school and know for her rebellious personality. Brittany is also part of the cheerleaders, very good in science and art and also very popular. Altough they live a peaceful life, they are Darksiders: people who have demonic blood running trough their veins. They are able to manipulate weapons infused with demonic magic and use demonic magic, they fight demons and are all assimilated with The Order. There are also Lightsiders: people with angelic blood within them, and use angelic magic. Mia and Brittany have met lot of allies: Jason, Stanley, Miranda and Marco, altough they were surprised than two of them aren't normal: Jason and Miranda are half-darksiders and half-lightsiders, who are very rare and powerful. With the help of everyone, they have the mission take down Carl Smith: the leader of The Order and Miranda's father, who's goal is to absorb all the hybrids' powers and rule over darksiders and lightsiders.



  • Color: Purple
  • Hobbies: Demon slaying, cheerleading, doing guitar, listening to music.

Mia is the popular girl, known for her more than hundreds hours of detention, for being the cheerleadeer captain and for her rebel attitude. She always knew about her darksider nature and slays demons since 3 years now, along with her sister Brittany. She knows a lot about all kind of demons and works a lot on her physical abilities (unlike her sister who focuses more on her magic abilities), she knows a lot about martial arts but mostly uses her box training in combats. She can appear to be cold and rude but is very careful, kind and is always ready to help, she hates admit things like the fact that she is in love with Jason. Mia's favorite weapon of choice is kind of unusual: her weapon the Soul Slayer is a heavily modified chainsaw made to be only capable of killing creatures such as zombies, demons or vampires. When's not in her huntress mode, Mia loves hanging with friends, listening to music, taking her of her brother with Brittany and doing guitar.

  • Color: Periwinkle
  • Hobbies: Painting, demon hunting, listening to music, making and drinking tea.

Brittany is the little sister of Mia, she is very kind, caring, tolerant and friendly, she's also a demon hunter and is extremely powerful, she's called The Reaper (because of her scythe) and is known for her powerful magic abilities. She was resentful of the fact of demon hunting at first but got used to it, she helps Mia with her magic while her helps Brittany with her fighting skills. She's quite good at art and loves painting, she want to study arts and wants to become a famous painter, her painting skills made her quite popular, along with the fact that she's part of the cheerleader and being the student council president. Mia's quite jealous of her intelligence but Brittany claims that one can kick a demon the same way Mia does, they are quite close and sometimes have feuds but they reconcile very fast. Their closeness made them having Sister Secrets between them and only them. She can be shy and reserved but won't hesitate to help people in need.

  • Color: Red
  • Hobbies: Night flying, doing sport, training.

Stanley is one kind of a darksider: he's half-vampire, he lives for more than a hundreds years, his demonic blood allows him to do incredible feats: he can manipulate his own blood and can transform it into anything he wants. He loves flying when the moon is full and doing sport, he is very athletic and good at sport but isn't part of the school's sport teams (he is too lazy to join a team). He is very kind, tolerant and friendly but can be hostile sometimes, his magic abilities are very powerful (not as powerful as Brittany's). Because his parents are members of The Order he doesn't always see them, he lives in a wealthy house and the maid is the only person who takes care of him. Stanley want to be considered as a child and not as a darksider, his parents are always making him training but instead of having a professional relationship with them, he wants a closer relationship.


  • Color: Blue
  • Hobbies: Basketball, cooking, training.

Jason is a kind guy, always helping the others and is also quite popular, he's the basketball team's point guard, he is smart and is appreciated because of his kindness. He's an hybrid: he's half-lightsider, half-darksider and hybrids are known for their powerfuless, Jason is more of a lightsider because of the fact that he has more angelic blood running trough his veins. He is in love with Mia and was really surprised to see that she's a darksider but is happy that the fact that he's an hybrid doesn't bother her. He offered her the necklace she always wear since then, they are deeply in love with each other and are always together and they share many in common. Jason loves taking care of his little brother Jeff, he is a model for his brother and they also share things like Mia and Brittany does. Jason is always ready to help and like everyone, wants to eradicate all evil in his way.

  • Color: Green
  • Hobbies: Sewing, training, listening to music, dancing.

Miranda is the kind, joyful and fizzy girl of the group, she is the leader of the Hybrid Resistance she leads the opposed force to her father with some hybrids (who's Jason is a part of). She loves sewing and dreams of having her own fashion house and to work with great names of the fashion industry. Miranda is very powerful, she displayed her abilities several times and anonymously saved the main team a lot. She joined them in attempt to open the eyes of her father, she really wants to have a closer relationship with him ,instead of being considered as a shame by her own father. She's happy to have found friends and want to keep them with her forever, she was always alone and bullied and ignored by mostly her father. Miranda's willing to open his eyes.


H.J. Thompson High School

The school directed by Henry Johnathan Thompson, this is were the characters goes and is located at Dallas, Texas. Its basketball team is the Texas Bulls (led by Jason).

Mia's House

Where Mia and Brittany's family lives, its a white/purple big house, its kind of luxurious and has a pool. The Order privileges lightsiders/darksiders and makes them have a peaceful life.

Jason's House

A big white house with a pool and for Jason a basketball court, like any light/darksiders family, they are privileged.


  • Mia looks like Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw:
    • They both are cheerleaders.
    • They both have a chainsaw for their main weapon.
    • They both lives in America.
    • They both hunt down underworld creatures.
    • They both loves lollipops.

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