Cubhouse Guardians: Pretty Girls Of Happiness (ハピネスの美処女たち カブハウス戦士, Hapinesu no bi shojo-tachi kabuhausu senshi) is a Japanese-American animated series by Toei Animation that was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fox Cubhouse block, and was made as the children's counterpart to Sailor Moon Crystal. Similar to Sailor Moon, it follows a team of 5 girls turned into superheroes in sailor uniforms, but they are younger in age and rather than planets, the characters are based off Fox Cubhouse shows.

Plot Edit

In the Wonderland of Happiness, there lies a place where children visit each day to learn wonderful things from a girl named Rosie called The Cubhouse, which is connected to five fantastical lands. However, this wonderful land is under attack by an evil princess named Darkness Gloom, who wants to remove all happiness from this mystical land.

One day, a 6-year-old girl named Dobutsura Hanako is in the forest observing flowers and meets a bear named Jake, who endows her with the power of turning into Sailor Fore, guardian of nature and forests, to protect the Cubhouse. After her encounter, two other young girls in the same town get visited by creatures from the Wonderland of Happiness and transform into Sailor Guardians inspired by the creatures they meet. But these are not your ordinary Sailor Guardians-Rosie sends the young girls on missions both in their world and in the Land of Happiness to find the best ways to restore the Wonderland of Happiness back to normal.

Characters Edit

Dobutsura Hanako (Flora Cloverton in the Fox Family dub): A first grader who loves nature and everything related to it. When she's not at school or saving the world from evil, she loves studying the world around her and learning about the various plants and animals on the Earth. She dreams of being a famous explorer someday. With her Fore Compact, she becomes Sailor Fore.

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