Not to be confused with Kyubey, his (?) original Japanese Counterpart.

"Make a promise with me and become a Magical Girl!"

-Cubey's main quote.

Some of the reason Cubey does have a very little role on the comic series...
Appears in Magical Molly!
Race Alien
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Occupation Incubator/Wishmaker
VA (English) Amy Birnbaum
VA (Japanese) Emiri Katou
Cubey is an alien from an unknown planet, who grants wishes from other girls to become Magical Girls.


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Cubey in the Magica Comics continuity



  • Cubey's Japanese name remains.
    • Same goes as his true name.
  • Emiri Katou reprised her role of the character.
  • Unlike his/her/it's original counterpart, this incarnation of Kyubey contains very little emotion.

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