NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunApril 18, 2016
Opening SongBreaking Glass
Ending SongCold Gaze


Yann is not a normal guy: he's a God, he is extremely powerful and has powers that cannot be equaled by other species (such as demons), except Mikuo. All his friends: Ryo, Louis, Jun and Makoto Ishiyama are Crucis: humans with angel or demon blood running trough their veins and who possesses powers. They possess a lifespan that surpasses humans (tough they are immortal), their goal is to get rid of demons who them, wants to get rid of Gods and Cruxes. They all live a "normal" life, they form a group and all lives with their parents (or almost all of them), Yann is the leader of the group and is the powerfulest. He is willing to protect every living thing, his friends, his lover and his family. They all have the same will and they are all determined to accomplish the same goals. Yann, Mikuo, Ryo, Louis, Jun and Makoto are all willing to save all the persons and things they love.


  • Color: Yellow
  • Species: God

Yann is kind, sure of himself, confident and protective, he loves roses, tea, Miku and his sister. He's an awesome singer and a popular model, but he is also a powerful god, when he managed to burn a plant and to burn three trees at the same time, he trains a lot on trying to control his powers as he has shown to be extremely powerful. He and Mikuo knows each others since they are little, he considers Mikuo as an older brother and also a confidant, they tell everything to each other. He is very caring and never abandons his friends, if someone hurts his friends, he can be deadly, scary, harsh and merciless, until someone stops him, he can track down his enemy and the damages are extremely dangerous. Yann is very friendly but can appear to be cold but in fact, he is gentle, protective and his friends and family are the most precious things to him.

  • Color: Turquoise
  • Species: God

Mikuo is very gentle, calm, soft-spoken and powerful, he's a powerful magic god and wields weapon made out of his own magic. He cares a lot about his friends and family, he has a brotherly relationship with Yann, they share a lot of things and tell everything to each other. He is a powerful magician, and is a wielder of a powerful magic he created himself. Mikuo loves going out with his friends, inviting them with him and hanging out with them. Like his beloved sister Miku, he can manipulate moon energy and gravity (wich can leads him to manipulate oceans), he can also manipulate water: mold it into what he wants, freeze it or boil it, he can also increase or reduce temperature. Mikuo is very helpful, his friends claims that he is a good listener and that he always finds a way to solve problems.

  • Color: Dark Green

Ryo is a very well-trained Crucis, he can appear to be cold-hearted and cold-blooded, but he is kind and caring, he cares a lot about his friends and loves children (that's why he cares a lot about his little cousin). His element is lightning, he can manipulate pure and divine electricity, he can combine the bullets in his weapon with his lightning and can create more damages. He is the bestfriend of Jun and they know each other since their childhood, Jun was the only one to know about Ryo's mother. His father told him about his origin and trained him to manipulate his powers and to create weapons made out of his divine powers. Ryo is very caring, friendly and same if he appears to be cold-hearted, he seems to be warm-hearted in fact, he also likes helping his friends and taking care of his cousin.

  • Color: Pastel pink

Louis is cute, calm, kind and a Crucis-in-training, he possess a lot of powers but needs to control them, mostly his water powers, his strength and speed. He loves cats and always wear hats, everytime he sees a cat, he pet it and can stop hugging it, he always wears his ponytail, its his most notable feature. Louis can be shy and reserved, but he tries to forget it when he is battling with demons. He can manipulate divine water, freeze it or boil it and often asks Mikuo to help him. He also tries to master his flying ability. Louis is extremely caring and friendly, he loves singing and eating desserts, he also tries to master his ability of creating powerful weapons. Louis tries hard to become a better Crucis.

  • Color: Purple

Jun is a calm, cute and a fan of poems, he loves writing poems and creating them, he loves flowers and animals, he's extremely powerful and can be deadly if something happens to his friends (but his damages aren't as dangerous as Yann's and Mikuo's). He is very friendly and is Ryo's bestfriend since they are little, they share lots of things in common and they tell everything to each other. Jun has shown to be extremely powerful and his strength is twice as powerful as Louis' and Makoto's, but he is tied with Ryo. He can manipulate and communicate with plants, he can order them to do what he wants. All his friends and his family are precious to him.

  • Color: Blue

Makoto is the youngest of the group and a demon Crucis in training, he has difficulty controling his powers as fire is very volatile, due to his demon blood he has a strong telekinesis and demon magic. He also has difficulties controlling his super strength, but with the help of his friends he tries his hard to control everything. He is friendly, cute and a true daredevil: he loves extreme sports and mostly bungee jumping and BMX. He loves singing and has a powerful voice and he is an extremely good drummer.


Cross Weapons are special weapons held only by Crucis as a manifestation of their powers, when it is dormant, it takes the shape of an accessory or jewel ( a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or an hairpiece). Their full powers manifests when they are in contact trough the blood of their wielder. The known cross weapons are:

  • Cross Blade - A blade wich contains electrical powers, it can do powerful attacks and can shot blade cuts, when its dormant it takes the form of a silver rimmed ring with a cross within it is an emerald. It is currently held by Ryo Kitamura.
  • Cross Whip - A whip which can manipulate water, it can also reach and catch opponents who are far away, it can bend water at it will and react only to Louis. When its dormant, it takes the form of a brooch. It is currently held by Louis Taniguchi.
  • Cross Scythe - A scythe who can manipulate thorny vines, it is capable of cutting trough anything and its vines around it are able to attack any opponents rushing trough Jun. When its dormant, it takes the form of a necklace. It is held by Jun Fujisaki.
  • Cross Spear - A spear which blades can burn off and burn and slash any opponents, it burns on itself and can throw fire. When its dormant, it takes the form of an earring. It is held by Makoto Ishiyama.


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