Cowboy Prince Maverick
(Bokudō Ōji Māberikku)
StudioToei Animation
LicensorFunimation Entertaiment


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Cowboy Prince Maverick (牧童王子マーベリック Bokudō Ōji Māberikku?) is a magical boy manga written and illustrated by CureKurogane. It was published by Kondasha in the year 2016. The story follows the adventures of a young boy named Dean Ichijou who turns into the Cowboy Prince Maverick (the titular character) and fight an evil organization known as the Muboma Empire, who are trying to make the Earth their new homeland.


17-year-old, Ichijou Dean is a normal average farmboy who moves to the metropolitan city of Ginzou, Japan after his parents sold their farm. Dean wasn't vey thrilled of living in a big city and because of the move, he felt like a complete stranger. And just when the day wasn't bad enough, he is soon encountered by a demon-looking man named Rascal, who attacked him without any reason.

That's is when he is saved by a magical alicorn named Morningstar who tells him, that he has come from a mystical world called the Aurora Kingdom, where it was invaded by a demonic organization called the Muboma Empire. He gives him a star-shaped badge and tells him with that, he will transform into the heavenly Cowboy Prince, Maverick. With the help of Morningstar and a mysterious ally, Tsukimaru, Dean learns how to fight as Maverick and accepts the fate in saving both the Earth and the Aurora Kingdom.



  • Ichijou Dean (一条デイーン Ichijō Dīn?) / Cowboy Prince Maverick (牧童王子マーベリック Bokudō Ōji Māberikku?)
    • Dean is the main protagonist of the series. He is a hard-working Japanese-American farmboy who loves horseback riding and open nature, and is now living in the city of Ginzou. 17 years old, Dean is a second-year at Ginzou Municipal High School, and at first, he felt like a stranger until he joined the Equestrian Club. Soon, he starts making friends and becomes very protective of them. Once he transforms into Maverick, Dean soon discovers that he has a destiny to fulfill. As Maverick, he controls the power of the Sun, Holy Light and Stars. His full name is Dean Ryuuji Ichijou.
  • Morningstar (モーニングスター Mōningusutā?)
    • Morningstar is Dean/Maverick's trusty steed. He is a magical winged Unicorn from the Aurora Kingdom, who gives Dean the Holy Star Badge and helps him control his new magical powers. Morningstar is very wise and often stays calm and acts like an older brother to Dean. While Maverick controls the powers of the Sun, Holy Light and Stars, Morningstar controls the power of the Sun, Moon, and the Stars and uses his wings and horns for his magical attacks. 
  •  Tsukikage Yuujiro (月影裕次郎 Tsukikage Yūjirō?) / Ninja Prince Tsukimaru (忍者王子月丸 Ninja Ōji Tsukimaru?)
    • Yuujiro is a mysterious young man who transfers to Ginzou Municipal High School. Much is not known about him, but he is shown to be a skilled fighter and come from a linage of ninjas. He never smiles, however he does show humility and respect to everyone, especially to Dean and often calls him "Dean-dono" much to Dean's chagrin. Once he transforms to the Ninja Prince, Tsukimaru, Yuujiro makes a vow to fight alongside Maverick (Dean) and protect him at all costs. As Tsukimaru, he controls the Moon.
  • Sakurano Stella (桜野ステラ Sakurano Sutera?) /  Geisha Azalea (ゲイシャ アザレア Geisha Azarea?)
    • Stella is a 17-year old girl who transfers to Ginzou Municipal High School later in the series. She is shown to be very bubbly, however she also has a rougher side, such as getting her hands dirty and not afraid to take on a fight. Stella meets Dean and Yuujiro during her first day, and finds herself completely smitten over Dean and how much of a hard-worker he is, although her feelings for him go unnoticed. She holds the Azelea Compact, which allows her to transform into the magical girl of the heroes, Geisha Azelea in which she controls the power of love and flowers.


The Muboma Empire (無謀魔帝国 Mubōma Teikoku?) is an organization of demons, bent on taking over the Earth by finding a mystical item called the Holy Crystal of Gaia. The Muboma is led by King Jyuuban, and his subordinates are known as the Akuma Four, who can summon horrific monsters by possessing anyone or anything.

  • King Jyuuban (十番王 Jūban Ō?) :  The leader of the Muboma Empire. He a powerful demon, who wants nothing but power and control. He is very cunning and very hot-tempered, which explains why he lashes out at his subordinates whenever they fail.
  • Rascal (ラスカル Rasukaru?) :  The first general as well as the headman of the Akuma Four. He strongly has the physical appearance of a teenage delinquent, and holds a boisterous ego. 
  • Kyuumi (九ミ Kyūmi?): The second general and the sole female of the Akuma Four. She is a beautiful woman resembling a nine-tailed fox, however she holds a poisonous streak.
  • Oni ( Oni?) : The third general of the Akuma Four. Oni is a muscular demon, who carries a club where ever he goes. He is very hot tempered and often butt heards with Rascal.
  • Rook  (ルーク Rūku?): The fourth and last member of the Akuma Four. He is incredibly handsome and has an affection for Kyuumi, but when in battle, he is shown to be very lethal and cold.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Ichijou Sheena (一条しいな Ichijō Shīna?)
    • Dean's mother and Kengo's wife. Like Dean, Sheena is Japanese-American, but unlike her husband, Kengo, she was born in the United States to Japanese parents and spent her life as a city girl. She met Kengo during college and they both fell in love and had Dean before they got married. Sheena is shown to be a caring mother and opened her own bakery cafe. Sheena is shown to be very beautiful which attracts a lot of men, but can get easily scared when she sees Kengo giving them a murderous glare, or when he loses his temper after being called "old" by young thugs. She doesn't know that Dean is actually Maverick.
  • Ichijou Kengo (一条健吾 Ichijō Kengo?)
    • Dean's father and Sheena's husband. Kengo was born in Sapporo, Japan and was raised in a farm. He is a responsible and humble man, who believes that hard work is the key to success. He enjoys getting himself dirty and has a deep passion in open nature. During his college years in America, he meets Sheena and falls deeply in love with her, thus having Dean before they got married.  Kengo is shown to get easily jealous when his wife gets hit on by other men and gives them a frightening glare, which scares Sheena. He even loses his temper when he is called "Old man" by young delinquents. Like Sheena, Kengo doesn't know that Dean is actually Maverick.


Transformation ItemsEdit

  • Holy Star Badge (聖なるスターバッジ Seinaru Sutā Bajji?) : The transformation item used by Dean to transform into Maverick given by Morningstar. The Badge is summoned when Dean yells, "Royal Light, Cowboy Prince! Holy Up!"
  • Moonlight Shuriken Pendant (月光手裏剣ペンダント Gekkō Shuriken Pendanto?) : The transformation item used by Yuujiro given by the moon god Tsukiyomi. To transform, Yuujiro raises the pendant up and yells out, "Ninja of the Moon, Awaken!"



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