Original RunOctober 3, 2015 - ongoing
Opening SongRainbow Lovely!
Ending Song3☆2☆1☆Start!

Colorful♥Cuties (カラフル♥キューティーズ Karafuru♥Kyūtīzu) is a magical girl fan series set to "air" in 2015. The story focuses on 7 girls (Rena, Emi, Kana, Midori, Otome, Teruru, and Nanako) as they protect the world from an incoming threat that can make Earth a dull, colorless, place.

While the concept is just a fan anime, it has been confirmed by the author that she might create a book series of the Colorful Cuties.


CORE (Colorless Organization of Restless Enemies) has already sucked the colors of every planet...except Earth. When they find out about this final target, a young butterfly-like creature, Niji, is sent to Earth with the mission to search for the Colorful Cuties, a team that consists of 7 girls who use the power of the rainbow to triumph in battle!

Akahi Rena is your average 14 year old girl. One day when she is late for school, she notices that no one even arrived. At this moment, Niji stumbles into her, noticing the empty school. Rena notices the color seems more dull, and Niji realizes CORE has started its damage.

Suddenly, Niji's Cutie Tracker goes off, alerting her that Rena is one of the Colorful Cuties! With the power of the Colorful Maker and the Rainbow Crystal, Rena transforms into the leader of the soon to be team, Magic Red! But one fight isn't enough to stop CORE. It will take 7 girls, power, and magic...


Colorful Cuties

Rena colorful cuties
Magic Red profile

Akahi Rena (赤火レナ Akahi Rena)
The leader of the team. Rena is quite clumsy and loves to sleep, mostly because of school. She believes that life is meant to be an adventurous experience but meant to be taken seriously, even though she doesn't act like it. She transforms into Magic Red (マジックレッド Majikku Reddo).

Emi colorful cuties
Magic Orange profile

Matsuno Emi (松野エミ Matsuno Emi)
The athletic girl of the team. Emi is known to love jogging more than anything else. She is very picky about her foods so she can stay in good shape, but eats sweets once in a while. She is quite outgoing and ready to meet new friends. She transforms into Magic Orange (マジックオレンジ Majikku Orenji).

Kana colorful cuties
Magic Yellow profile

Kisaka Kana (黄坂カナ Kisaka Kana)
The guide of the team. Kana is an intelligent, but very shy, student. She only makes friends if she knows the person is safe enough. She is interested in being able to speak English, so she practices around her friends sometimes. She transforms into Magic Yellow (マジックイエロー Majikku Ierō).

Midori colorful cuties
Magic Green profile

Nakamori Midori (中森ミドリ Nakamori Midori)
The tracker of the team. Midori is a caring student, almost always there to help. She doesn't care much of enemies though; she actually wants to rid of them. She is very focused on her mission to save the colors and wishes she could reveal her secret. She transforms into Magic Green (マジックグリーン Majikku Gurīn).

Otome colorful cuties
Magic Blue profile

Aoshima Otome (青島オトメ Aoshima Otome)
The brainiac of the team. Otome is a child prodigy excelling in all subjects. She wears glasses and is rumored she wants to look smart, when in reality, she just has problems with her eyes. People believe she has only few friends, which is true. She transforms into Magic Blue (マジックブルー Majikku Burū).

Teruru colorful cuties
Magic Indigo profile

Hosotani Teruru (細谷テルル Hosotani Teruru)
The "true" cutie of the team. Teruru is an outgoing student, and wants to become friends with everyone. She is filled with love and tries her best to succeed in any type of situation. She is also mentioned about how cute she is. She transforms into Magic Indigo (マジックインディゴ Majikku Indigo).

Nanako colorful cuties
Magic Violet profile

Fujibara Nanako (藤原ナナコ Fujibara Nanako)
The final member of the team. Nanako is a mysterious girl, often hidden from the public. She seems to know a lot about the Colorful Cuties, but only because she spies on them to gain knowledge for battle. After becoming qualified, she decides to join. She transforms into Magic Violet (マジックバイオレット Majikku Baioretto).


Black Core (ブラックコア Burakku Koa)
The main villain of the series.

Candy Pop (キャンディーポップ Kyandī Poppu)
The first of the villains to appear. Candy Pop is a bubbly, child like, girl that carries small, but poisonous, candies with her. She loves being manipulative and will try to poison anyone at anytime.

Soda Pop (ソーダポップ Sōda Poppu)

Starfall (スターフォール Sutāfōru)

Typhoon (タイフーン Taifūn)

Nekoko (ネココ Nekoko)


Each week, on Saturdays, a new episode airs. The first 7 episodes follow a pattern where the name of the next team member is revealed. Thus, until the preview for episode 8 airs and with the exclusion of the series premiere, the preview does not spoil the episode title so the audience will not know who transforms next. Starting from the 8th episode, the next episode's title does get revealed. A total of 20 episodes will be used in the series.


Colorful Maker (カラフルメーカー Karafuru Mēkā)
An item that looks a lot like a compact which comes in all seven colors. When opened, there is a mirror inside that can show any evil threat that is attacking at that moment. There is also a Rainbow Crystal in the girl's color that allows them to transform.

Rainbow Crystal (レインボークリスタル Reinbō Kurisutaru)
A jewel-shaped item that comes in all colors of the rainbow. It must always be stored in the Colorful Maker so it does not get damaged. With it, this item helps each girl transform.


Colorful♥Cuties, when first revealed, received very positive feedback, with the audience especially positive about the characters and their cute appearance.


  • Colorful♥Cuties seems to share some similarities with another magical girl original series, Confection Cuties.

Progression Trivia

  • To fit the Cuties theme, 5 of the 7 names were chosen from searching about cute Japanese names; only Otome and Teruru were exceptions.

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