Codename Lilum: Another Story, is a side series for the Codename: Rosetta series. It follows Lilica as she goes to save Shizuku who had been kidnapped by Cocytus.

Manga ChaptersEdit

# Title Release Date
01 Transformation, Lilum
"Henkan, Rirīun"
May 14, 2016
02 Infiltration, Cocytus
"Shinjun, Kokitosu"
May 14, 2016
03 Attack, Lily Swirl
アタック、リリー スワール
"Atakku, Rirī Suwāru"
May 14, 2016
04 Harmony, Full Rose Shine
ハーモニー、フルローズ シャイン
"Hāmonī, Fururōzu Shain"
May 14, 2016
05 Home, Ending of the nightmare
"Hōmu, akumu no endingu"
May 14, 2016



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