Codename: Rosetta
(Kōdonēmu: Rozetta)
DirectorDiamond Shower
Original Run2016-2017
Opening SongRosa Parade
Ending SongDream Kaleidoscope
 Codename: Rosetta is a magical girl anime/manga following Barasono Shizuku, who turns into Rosetta (commonly called Rosa), who's fighting against a group known as the Black Roses.




  • Barasono Shizuku (バラ園 雫 Barasono Shizuku?)/Rosetta (ロゼッタ Rozetta?)
    • Shizuku is the protagonist of Codename: Rosetta.


  • Lilica (リリカ Ririka?)
    • Lilica is the daughter of King Erebus. She ran away from home and met Shizuku as Rosetta and ended up befriending her family's rival. Her human alais is Meio Lilica

Black RosesEdit

  • King Erebus (キングエレバス Kinguerebasu?)
    • The main villian of the series. He's the father of Lilica.
  • Styx (スティックス Sutikkusu?)
    • The strongest member of the Black Roses and the right hand woman of Erebus
  • Lethe (レーテ Rēte?)
    • The second strongest member of the Black Roses. He extremely lazy barely caring about fighting.
  • Asphodel (アスフォデル Asufoderu?)
    • The third strongest member of the Black Roses. She has a crush on Lethe.
  • Sakkaku (錯覚 Sakkaku?)
    • The main monster of the series.
  • Cocytus (コキトス Kokitosu?)
    • A man only seen in a silloute during the series. He makes his full debut in Codename Lilum: Another Story.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Tenku Teruno (天空 照野 Tenkū Teruno?)
    • A young man who works at his family's flower shop. He is rather popular with women, yet is oblivious to it.


  • Rose Hairpin - The transformation item that Shizuku uses.
  • Lily Hairpin - The transformation item for Lilica in the side series.


  • Marine



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