Code: Battlefront
(''Kodo : Batorufuronto)
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJuly 15, 2016
Opening SongSurvival
Ending SongTime Leap

Code: Battlefront is a sci-fi anime created by MikuHatsune145. It's themes are comedy, technology and science-fiction.


In the year of 2027, the world is invaded by Halos and chaos is everywhere but the governement created the Codex Academies to train boys and girls to fight the Halos with their abilities. They all form Systems which are composed of different codes and the elite ones joins the upper-class schools. Akiko Fujisaki is part of one of them, being the daughter and descendant to well-known and powerful priestesses and possessing powerful powers of her own. She's in the System S, the upper-class team with her powerful teammates who are all in the Anderson Academy (one of the elite schools) and this is where she learns how to use her abilities. They all have to protect Earth and Akiko is ready to save and protect all her loved ones.


  • Color Code: Red

Akiko is the cute, kind and friendly protagonist, she is a fierce warrior and is in the Anderson Academy since several months, chosen to be the leader of the System S, being part of this system (teams are referred as systems because all Codes are all joined into one to make a system) she trains a lot and is always ready to fight. She knows a lot about martial arts, mostly naginatajustu, judo and karate and is a black belt in judo, her main weapon of choice is her red naginata, she can also use her other weapons like her war fan, her magical cards and her katana. Her main power is her unique ability to manipulate fire at her will and mixes her naginatajutsu with her fire abilities making her a great opponent. Her mother is a priestess and her grandmother also is one, she lives in a japanese styled house and works as a miko, it was not a coincidence that her code represents her as a priestess. She is friendly and caring with her friends and teammates, mostly Harumi (who calls her Onee-chan) and Keiichi (who she has feelings for). As the leader she tries her best to make the team coordinated.

  • Color Code: Dark Blue

Keiichi is a kind, caring and friendly guy always ready to help, he's quite cocky, arrogant and has a bit of a pervy side but hides it (even if Akiko is always the one who notices it). He's a master swordsman, since he is little, he does fencing and can use any types of sword, his abilities to fire swords beams and uses blades as projectiles makes him a great opponent. His main weapon the Destroyer, is a unique kind of weapon is a mechanized sword which can fire lasers which have the ability to cut trough anything, he can also create an infinite supply of swords. He cares a lot about his little brother Kichirou (Code: Bomber) and they both have a very close relationship, Kichi tells everything to Kei and Kei listens to him and helps him. Kichi often comforts his brother when he feels down, he knows that Kei has feelings for Akiko and he hides with his comedic and pervy side. Even in battle, he shows his feelings for her, like when Akiko was attacked and he countered the attack using his sword and protected her. He is always ready to help and will do anything to save Earth and the persons he loves.

  • Color Code: Pink

Harumi is the cute, shy and reserved girl of the group, she has an affinity for nature and always loved flowers, she loves doing magic and talking to plants. She loves eating cakes, playing games and gardening, she and Akiko are bestfriends since kindergarten along with Chinatsu, they always spent their times together and Harumi and Chinatsu considers Akiko as their older sister. When she was a little girl, she spent her time in Akiko's house, they did sleepovers and still laughs together now, Harumi trains hard and want to be as powerful as her bestfriend is, she studies a lot and tries her best. She's very shy and sometimes hesitates in battle but when her friends are endangered, she doesn't have to think twice to attack the enemy and defeat it. Harumi helps everyone when she can and she will never let anyone hurt her friends.

  • Color Code: Yellow

Kichirou is the happy-go-lucky, kind and dynamic little brother of Keiichi, he is always so excited that he explodes things around hil without knowing. He's very close to his brother, they spent their time together and Kei often teases him, but whenever Kichi is hurt or sad, his brother will always be by his side. While Keiichi's speciality are swords, he's speciality are heavy weapons such like grenade luncher, canons, missile launcher and his iconic weapon: his PC-09X (Power Canon - 09X) which allows him to fire huge bombs which causes everything around him to blow up. He also has the ability to create bombs and grenades, he uses this ability to combine elemental attributes to his bombs. His dream is to be a recognized chef, he really likes cooking and same if Kei teases him by saying that he will blow up the kitchen, he doesn't give up on his dream and wishes to have his own chain of restaurant all around the world.



The main city where everything happens, the codex schools are located there and this is where Aliens comes the most. This is the other teammates' hometown but Akiko was born in Kyoto (due to this she speaks in a Kyoto accent). The city is very technologized and has traps everywhere activating whenever an alien is on it.

Anderson Academy

The main place where all kids goes there to train how to defeat aliens, there are dormitories (for each team), training rooms, a bigger room where every student goes in the debut of the year, a gymnasium and a game room.


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