Cinderella★Star (シンデレラ★スター Shinderera★Sutā) is the official opening theme to Fight! Kotori-Tank! and premiered in episode 1.




Tsuki yozora no shimo, hoshi ga ochiru
Sore wa negaigoto o jikide wa
Hoshi akari no utsukushi wa watashi o nomikomi
Shinderera★Sutā sore o yobidashi


Under the moonlit sky, a star falls
Is it the time to make a wish?
The starlight's beauty engulfs me
I will call it the Cinderella★Star

A destiny is surrounding me
But right now it's a faraway dream
I worry about not achieving it
But memories become triggered

I remember the shooting star
And the powerful light
The time when worries melted
And I felt stronger
It is time to step up
Make everything come true


Let's initiate a change together
And spark that same light
Overpower our feelings
Make that dream come true

Through the wonderful power of
the Cinderella★Star


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