" Maria , is that what I think it is ?? " -Saki

Chouko Saki (蝶子 咲希 saki chouko ) is a new girl in Dream academy . She mainly uses Aurora Fantasy . Her aura is composed of pink sakura fairies and petals . Her autograph is based on cursive saki and a chibi angel wing . Her zodiac sihn is also Aries .


Saki has shoulder-length black hair and black eyes . she wears purple and pink glasses.


Saki is optimistic and kind . She is friendly , and is eager to know new friends . But sometimes she is too passionate towards her friends .


Maria Himesato : They have known since preschool , and they hang out together a lot in Dream Academy .They have almost the exact same interests .

Green Grass : They had fostered her before Ayane .

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