Cherry Soda
DirectorAlex Baker
Original Run2015-2016
SuccessorAquarius o isoi
Opening SongCarbonation!
Ending SongShuwa Shuwa Sõda

Cherry Soda (チェリーソーダ Cherīsōda) is a romance anime with some supernatural elements. It follows the life of Ajisai Suzuran and Yadorigi Saule. It does have supernatural elements as Yukine is a fairy who could serve as the hint button in a hidden objects game.



  • Ajisai Suzuran (あじさいすずらん Ajisai Suzuran)
    • Suzuran is a clutzy girl with a love for floral scented things. With bright red hair, her short stature and obsession with the manga series Cresendo Wedding. Due to her height, she is often teased. Over the years, she gained the traits of a tsundere, yet gets extremely flustered when Saule stated that he loved her.
  • Yadorigi Saule (ソール ヤドリギ Yadorigi Sōru)
    • ​Saule is a half French half Japanese boy who has a terrible sense of direction. After literally bumping into the short Suzuran he ends up following her around out of curiousity. He is very open about how he feels often telling Suzuran how he feels.
  • Yukine (雪音 Yukine)
    • ​Yukine is a fairy that left for Earth. She ends up living with Suzuran. She could be considered the hint button in hidden objects games as she points out certain things the characters won't catch. Yes she breaks the forth wall on many many many occasions.



  • Yukine's Wand
    • As Yukine is a fairy, she has a wand. It usually takes the form of a pen.





Staff & CastEdit


  • Cresendo Wedding is a series that exists in most if not all of my series that are to come. My Go! Princess Precure fan character also likes the series.


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