('Kagaku busshitsu')
StudioTatsunoko Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMay 14, 2016
Opening SongGold
Ending SongMetallica

Chemical ( Kagaku busshitsu) is a sci-fi theme fan serie created by MikuHatsune145.


Aoi always tought he was an average guy. But he is very weak and frail, he can't stand on his legs and is in a wheelchair. What is odd about him are his eyes. His blue eyes circled by rings of unnatural blue. He always tought he was not normal. And that was confirmed by Audreen, a Thetan from the planet Theta, saves him from a Thetan Soldier trying to capture him. Seeing his eyes, she confirms that he is indeed a Thetan. Thetan are able to manipulate chemical elements and Aoi starts to discover his powers. The activation of his powers made him stronger, thus making him no more weak and frail. Aoi doesn't know his element and his class, but he is very powerful despite this. Now that he knows why he was weak another problem bothers him: Aoi doesn't remember his past.


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