('Kagaku busshitsu')
StudioTatsunoko Production
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMay 14, 2016
Opening SongGold
Ending SongMetallica

Chemical ( Kagaku busshitsu) is a sci-fi theme fan serie created by MikuHatsune145.


Aliens are among us. Hidden and protecting Earth from Omegas, a species of aliens from the planet Thêta. Despite not knowing their existence, humans are aware of the presence of something otherworldly. Aoi, a seemingly normal human, is the only one aware of their presence and of their responsibility to eradicate omegas from earth and their home planet. Until he met Audreen, Hotaru and Nicolas, he didn't knew of his alien nature, being a Thêta but unaware of it. Capable of manipulating a periodic element, Aoi must help them as that is what his species must do. But incapable of remembering his past and having an element unheard of before, Aoi must uncover the truth about himself.


  • Element: Oxygen
  • Weapon: Aerowhip

Aoi is the main protagonist, unaware of his alien nature, he met Audreen and her friends who revealed the truth about him. His mother being a Thêta, he possesses the ability to manipulate a periodic element, his being oxygen. Enabling him to create fire or manipulate the air around him. Aoi is kind and weak at first but upon activating his powers, he loses his weak and frail body and becomes stronger. His classmates (mostly the girls) appreciate him for his kindness and his smartness. He quickly becomes friend with Audreen, Nicolas and Hotaru. They explain to him everything he has to know about who he is but having forgotten his past, Aoi has to figure out the truth about him. He is powerful and possesses an unusual weapon being a whip he can create by manipulating the air around him. He is kind and caring, is always worried about his friends, loves animals and becomes dangerous if he or one his friends is injured.

  • Element: Gold
  • Weapon(s) : Aurum Blaster, Gold Edge

Audreen is an Elementum and transferred to Aoi's school in order to find one lost Thêta on Earth. She revealed to him why his eyes were so odd is because he is simply a Thêta like her. Audreen possess the rare ability to manipulate gold, she is powerful, brave and seems rather amused when fighting. Nicolas often scolds her for not being focused enough when battling, once endangering herself and badly injuring herself. She harbors romantic feelings for Nicolas, acting clumsy and tsundere-like whenever she is close to him. Hotaru often teases her and him about the fact that they both have feelings for each other. Audreen cares a lot about her friends and little brother Auren, these two are always with each other, playing with each other. Audreen teases people and often picks on Aoi's shyness, despite her playful personality, she's serious and focused whenever she is training. Her ability to manipulate gold, makes her a dangerous opponent.


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