Name: Cecilia Bennett

Gender: Female

Age: thousands (Physically 20)

Relatives: her parents

Class: Flame Haze

Title: Snow- Haired, Freezing-Eyed Angel

Contracted to: Grace

Contractor's True Name: Empress Cold Tide of Ice

Affiliation/s: Flame Haze Army

Color of Flame: ice blue

Status: Active


She will do almost anything to get what she needs. When she's not fighting as a Flame Haze she's okay if you get to know her better. But when she is fighting she'll do whatever it takes to win.… even if it means she has to kill herself. Likes to cook.


She wears a white cardigan, blue fitting dress and light blue high boots with tights underneath and a ice blue headband.

When in Flame Haze form a white trench coat, snow-white hair and freezing ice blue cold eyes.

Her hair is ice blue, eyes are brown and has a fair complexion.

Power and Abilities

She one of the oldest and powerful Flame Hazes with her signature Unrestricted Spell, Snowdrops of Storm. She is skilled with Shurikens.

  • Snowdrops of Storm - a storm of snowdrops come over and freeze the enemy everything, including their shadow.

Treasure Tools:

  • Reitō tiara
  • Gaibu kattā
  • Abusōba
  • Suchīruaisusupia
  • She like strawberry shortcake, anything with strawberry and Sweet Tarts.

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