Case 2: The police girl's official first day! (ケイス02:警察少女の公式初日!?) is the second episode of Police Girl: Detective Blair. The episode focuses on Blair's real first day as Police Girl and how she started working at Spicy Agency. The episode will air on the 19th of March 2016.


An agent has invited Blair to visit him in his office. For that, she needs to skip school for a whole day. But the information she gets at the agent's office are overwhelming! The badge she stole is something really special. But this won't be the only surprise! Agent Ueno Haruki makes a stunning offer...


Blair wakes up in the morning. Unwilling to stand up, she things about the past day. She still didn't understand what happened. Then a short flash back was shown. It was shown how Blair found the Badge, how she trasformed and how she caught the criminal. Then the scene followed where the Agent invited her to visit his office today came. Blair realized this once again and literally jumped out of bed. She was furious to finally find out what happened. Luckily she told her family yesterday that she's going to see an agent today instead of going to school. So she then put on her cloths and went downstairs.

She probably wasn't the first up, but she was the only one in the kitchen. Nothing new for Blair, since she's used to it. She lives in with busy people. They only gather together for dinner, never for breakfast. So Blair just two slices of bread and left the house. She didn't remember which way was leading to the agency, so she just followed the road, which was the reason why she was late. It was around 8.00 in the morning. The time she should be already at school. But today, she didn't arrive at school. She arrived at the agency. She went inside. The first door was no problem to pass. She just had to ring something like a door bell and then she was asked who she is and what she wants here. Then the door was opened.

The first room, probably a visitor room. It was pretty well guarded. Security personnel standing at every corner, in front of every door even besides elevator or stairs. Then she appoarched some security person herself. This was standing behind something like a table or something. He asked her what she wants her. Annoyed that she has to repeat it, she said it but in an unfriendly way. The man then told her to wait until someone picks her up and gave her something that resembled a backstage pass.

About 20 minutes later, a pretty strict looking woman told Blair to follow her. Blair was not sure if she was another security person or an agent. The woman brought Blair to the agent's office. Blair knocked but opened the door without waiting for an answer. The woman then left. Not surprised by her attitude, the agent stood up and allowed Blair to come in, offering her a chair. Blair sat down. For few minutes, the two just looked at each other. But then the agent told her that it's a bad habit to always come late and called her by her name. Blair answered that he can't surprise her just by knowing her name. This is some kind of secret agency anyway. The man nodded and introduced himself as Ueno Haruki, her new supervisor.

Though she wanted to ask about that supervisor part, she didn't say anything, just looked at him. Haruki then explained her why he is her new supervisor. He told her that the Badge she found is property of the Spicy Research Team, which was eliminate long ago. He didn't tell her much, but he told her, that she needs to learn to use it right. And the fact that she used it to stop a criminal says that they stand on the same side. So he gave her a chance; either giving the badge back to the agency or becoming a part of the agency as the first Police Girl who sloves crime cases.

Blair agreed to become a part of the agency, even if she's just a part-term member of the agency due to her school duties. Haruki then starts to show Blair around. He didn't show her much. Only some boring offices, some offices of analysts etc. But then they reached something resembling a training area. Haruki explained this was made for results of the researched that have been eliminated. Then he announced that Blair will be trained to use her powers right here. At this place. Then, Haruki told her to follow him.

He brought her to a area of Tokyo which she has never seen before. It didn't look like any of the other parts of Tokyo. She would consider it as Dirty-Tokyo, a new place not being part of Tokyo at all. Haruki then explained that this is where most criminals hide, commonly known as Dark Tokyo. He then leads her to a noble looking woman. Noble looking, but it was clear to see, that she belonged to Dark Tokyo. The woman greeted Haruki nicely, calling him Haru-kun and asuring him that she's been a good girl lately. Haruki just replies that he hopes so. Then he introduced Blair to the woman, introducing the woman to Blair. The woman was Dolly Milly, a local criminal. Haruki explained that they will keep an eye on Milly and some other criminals. And he wants her to know her target, that's why he brought her here.

Not sure what to think of it, Blair just nodded but said nothing. Milly then said that Haru-kun's rookie seems pretty shy. But accepts that Blair will take over her case for a while. Blair then makes clear, that it won't be any easier with her. Haruki and Blair then left a slightly surprised criminal back. As they were gone, Milly grinned.

Their "welcom walk" ended around 3.00 pm and Blair was allowed to go for today. The same time as she would get home from school. Meanwhile, at Risu High, Mayuki has grabbed her stuff, looking around, wondering where Blair was the whole day.

Major EventsEdit

  • Ueno Haruki introduced himself to Blair for the first time.
  • Blair entered the SpiAgen on official ways for the first time.
  • Blair became half-term agent at Spicy Agency.
  • Dolly Milly made her first appearance.
  • Takahashi Ken made his first cameo appearance.
  • Blair transformed for the first time on her own.
  • Blair's Police Girl training started in this episode.

Appearing CharactersEdit

  • Blair Hunter
    • The main Heroine.
  • Ueno Haruki
    • Blair's new Boss.
  • Dolly Milly
    • A local criminal who made her first appearance. She was investigated by Blair, to check if she's behaving good.
  • Ichihara Mayuki
    • Blair's friend, who made a minor appearance; wondering where Blair is today.


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