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Case 1: Police Girl: Detective Blair! (ケイス01:警察少女:ディテクティブブレア!?) is the first episode of Police Girl: Detective Blair. The episode tells about Blair's new life in Tokyo. This episode shows a bit of Blair's school day but also how she got into the Spicy Agency and got her Detective Badge. The episode will air on the 12th of March 2016.


Blair is an American girl, whose family moved to Japan very recently. She now visits a normal Japanese High School and even made a new friend. However, due to her curiosity, she broke into a popular agency in Tokyo. Inside of it, she found a mysterious device that will change her life...


Blair sits bored in class. The class just ended. Unlike Blair wanted, she got company by her classmate Ichihara Mayuki who decided to escort Blair home. Mayuki notices that Blair still needs to work on her English, so she offers her help with that. However, Blair rejects it as they arrive at Blair's home. Mayuki tells Blair that she looks forward to see her tomorrow.

At home, Blair's father wanted Blair to help her mother with the luggage. Blair didn't want to help, but was ordered to after a small fight. So she walked inside the house where she met her younger sister Emma. She asked Emma where their mother was. In the kitchen, answered Emma. Blair then headed to the kitchen and met her mother. Blair wondered what happened to the luggage and her mother explained that she took a break and now decided to cook something. She also told Blair to relax a bit and of course to do her homework.

A little later, Blair left the house and started walking around Tokyo until she reached some resticted area. It seemed pretty well protected so Blair figured out it must be something important. Even though she knew it was wrong, she started sneaking into the main building and to her surprise she was not caught. She then found a room that seemed to be abandoned. She went inside and found interesting objects. But non of the other objects were as interesting as the Badge that was lying a table with other items. She took the Badge.

In the same moment, she heard an emergency call, telling that all doors and windows will be automatically locked. Due to her bad Japanese, she didn't hear what happened. She decided to get away before someone would find her. She took the Badge with her. She had to take a different route than she used to get inside, since the one was already locked. A little later, Blair was outside the agency again. She found herself at a different part of Tokyo. She then continued walking looking at the Badge wondering about it.

Then, she witnessed a robbery across the street. Due to her good sense for justice, she decided to catch that criminal. And as she thought that, the Badge activated itself and suddenly she became a different person, called "Detective Blair", the Magical Police Girl. Surprised about that, she had no time to wonder what this has been. She ran over the street, jumped over the passing cars and followed the criminal. It seemed like Blair couldn't catch the criminal because he was too far already. So Blair jumped and landed right in front of the criminal. Stunned by that, it was nothing hard for Blair to catch him.

In that minute normal police officers came and took care of the criminal, whose turned out to be Fujibayashi Iwao. As the officers went away with Iwao, a serious looking agent appoarched Blair. He made a reference to the Badge she took and then told her to come to his office tomorrow morning. He even told her to not worry about school, he would deal with that. Before the agent could leave Blair asked him what happened and how she could turn normal again. The agent just told her to take of the Badge and visit him tomorrow as he said.

Not knowing who the agent was, Blair looked at the Badge. Determined to find out what happened, she decided to go to the agency tomorrow just as the agent said.

Major EventsEdit

  • Police Girl: Detective Blair started.
  • Blair was introduced for the first time.
  • Mayuki was introduced for the first time.
  • Ueno Haruki was introduced for the first time.
  • The Hunter family has moved to Japan.
  • The Risu High School was introduced for the first time.
  • Blair entered the Spicy Agency for the first time.
  • Blair transformed into Detective Blair for the first time.
  • Blair arrested a local criminal.

Appearing CharactersEdit

  • Blair Hunter
    • The main character, who gains her Detective Badge for the first time and transforms into the Police Girl.
  • Emma Hunter
    • The younger sister of Blair, who made a cameo when Blair comes home from school.
  • Tate Hunter
    • Blair's father who made a cameo as Blair came home. He told her to help her mother with the luggage.
  • Lisette Hunter
    • Blair's mother who made a cameo as Blair came home from school. She took care of the luggage.
  • Ichihara Mayuki
    • Blair's classmate, who is trying to become her friend. She "escorted" Blair home.
  • Chiara Tepes
    • One of Blair's classmates who made a minor cameo.
  • Fujibayashi Iwao
    • The criminal Detective Blair caught.
  • Ueno Haruki
    • An Agent from Spicy Agency, who made his appearance after Blair arrested Iwao.


Episode NavigationEdit

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