"I can't believe I was made this so far.... Uh... I mean, I wrote this when I'm 10 year old and studying at elementary school!"
―Alice Managelo (AliceTheGamer), New York AnimeCon 2016 Interview
Canterlot High Story is an American Animated Webseries created by Alice Managelo Aired on June 8, 2007 In and, but later produced by Alice Managelo's animation and game development team, The Miracle Magical Team in August 15, 2012 and then, the series was aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and Comedy Central

Plot Edit

The story begin at the girl named Alice Managelo escaping away from her home, due to her stress issues cause by bullies and her bad home environments, she decides to end her life by commiting suicide, she fell off cliff and intimidately disappears and nobody have seen her since.

Prologue Edit

Later after Alice disappears, Alice find herself woke up in a garden house owned by a girl named "Anna" Anna told Alice that the world of reality isn't where Alice are actually born and raised from, Alice realized that she must find her true "Home" as soon as possible.

Meet the Students Edit

Later, Alice woke up in the nursery room, she meets Eriole Stamford, the elite summoner of Canterlot High School's magic user club, Eriole decided to registered Alice into the school student list, afterwards, Alice and Eriole became best friends and Eriole also introduced the other students to Alice to be her friends.

Characters Edit

Original Series Edit

Alice Managelo Edit

The Mainly Protagonist of the series, the very first member of Canterlot High School's fighter club, she also appears as the real person who had the same name as her, also the owner of the Youtube channel called AliceTheGamer.

Eriole Stamford Edit

Alice's best friend and roommate, the elite ranked member of Summoner Club.

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