"I can't believe I was made this so far.... Uh... I mean, I wrote this when I'm 10 year old and studying at elementary school!"
―Alice Managelo (AliceTheGamer), New York AnimeCon 2016 Interview
Canterlot High Story is an American Animated Webseries created by Alice Managelo Aired on June 8, 2007 In but later produced by Alice Managelo and Rebecca Sugar in August 15, 2012 and then, the series was aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and Comedy Central

Plot Edit

The World of Imagination once collapsed into darkness.

Then the brave heroine once have been saved our world.

But now the forces of darkness started to growing itself slowly and secretly....

We believe that our heroine will know about this secret chaos and comes save us, But where is she?

The world of reality is "The Answer"....

The Heroine must be there, Her soul has been reborned as a normal teenage girl.

Will she remember her past and believe us?

The Answer is nearby from us.

Characters Edit

Original Series Edit

Alice Managelo Edit

The Mainly Protagonist of the series, In the original series, she have been adopted as "The Savior of Imaginia"

Anna Managelo Edit

Alice's Twin Sister, She appeared in season 4 episode 17 but she was turned into crystal by one of the Reinforced Beast

Song Released Edit

See List of Canterlot High Story Ost. Soundtracks

Online Games Edit

See Canterlot High Story Online

Trivia Edit

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