Blue Nothingness
('Burū kyomu')
StudioJ.C Staff
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunAugust 13, 2016
Opening Song575
Ending SongThe Best Thing

Blue Nothingness (ブルー虚無 Burū Kyomu) is a fantastic, detective anime series created by MikuHatsune145.


Angelica Campbell is a youthful, cheerful, kind and smart girl who is in her early twenties, she lives in an apartment with her roommate Katie Ashford and goes to the prestigious Highland Academy. She is very curious and is interested in photography altough her dream is to become a journalist and have her own articles in a famous newspaper. Angelica while living a pretty life, doesn't remember her past, all she knows is that her parents weren't really here for her in her childhood, and that she has a childhood friend David Mason who remembers her about her past. She usually investigates in searching her parent's identities and her past and has the feeling that it was ,somehow, erased from her memories. One on an investigation, she dreamed of seeing her parents' appearances for once, everything around her started to distort and she saw her parents with her baby self in their arms. She discovers that she has the power to travel dimensions, shifts reality at her will and have other powers of her own, she learns via an ancient friend of her mother, that her parents were powerful psionics and that she possess great powers. David is also a psionic and Katie discovered she is too. The three now forms a group of investigators and helps Angelica retrieving her past, they also struggle with the use of their newfound powers and their school.


  • Color: Blue
  • Hobbies: Writing, reading, photography, investigating.

Angelica is the sweet, cute, caring and smart protagonist of the anime, she is very curious and is always ready to find the truth and that's why she's devoted to her investigations. Her professor said that it could make her a good reporter, as she loves journalism, she also has quite a talent in photography. She wants to know more about her parents, her childhood and the origins of her family's powers. She tells everything to Katie her bestfriend and roommate and the two always get along but Angelica feels more comfortable and appeased when she is with David, emphasizing her feelings for him. She's popular among boys at school and a lot of them wanted to go out with her, but she's only interested by David who she affectionaly calls "Dave". She is very powerful and her elemental, dimensional and reality shifting powers, surpasses that of her parents, being born to her parents who are powerful psionics. Angelica is also skilled in martial arts and uses a switchblade who was a gift from her father when she was younger, which she cherishes and use for self-defense. She is also a skilled markswoman. Angelica loves playing the detective and sometimes uses her powers to discover things that she has struggles to find. Angelica struggles with her past, her powers and school but she is always ready to unveil the truth and succeed in what she does.

  • Color: Pink
  • Hobbies: Fashion designing, shopping, spending time with friends, decorating things.

Katie is the kind, cheerful, bubbly and outgoing bestfriend of Angelica, she loves fashion and wishes to be a famous fashion designer, she is in the fashion class and is in the same class than David and Angelica. She also supports Angelica (who she friendly nicknames Ange), into finding the truth about her past and her parents. When Katie discovered that she possess powers too, she didn't believed it until she forced someone to tell her the truth with her powers. Katie was interested in David at first sight but when she noticed that he is only interested by Angelica, she now pushes him to confess his feelings to her. She was born from two powerful empaths, she activates her powers by putting her fingers on her temples. She is a powerful empath too, her elemental abilities are linked to her emotions and she struggles using her abilities. David is her and Angelica's teacher at using their powers. Katie isn't very studious and often gives her homework very late, she is the opposite of Angelica's organized personality, she is a bit messy in her homework. But when her fashion teacher gave her an A+ for her work, she started being more serious. She still has her bubbly personality and her friends are what she cares a lot about and would never abandon them.

  • Color: Green
  • Hobbies: Gardening, photography, taking cares of animals.
  • Weapon: Katana

David is Angelica's childhood friend, he's kind, cute, always seen with a smile and is very caring, he cares a lot about his friends and helps them whenever they need help. He loves photography and his mother offered him a professional camera which he cares a lot about, some of his photos are exposed in the front of the photography class. He is an elemental psionic and he has an affinity with nature, he can communicate with plants and he sees ghosts since he is a child. His teaches the girls into using their powers correctly, he masterizes greatly his powers but the girls struggles to. He is very studious and always do his work with a lot of seriousness and never lefts anything. He is in love with Angelica but his shyness but he is always here for her since their childhood and she does the same thing for him. David is a good teacher and his determination to uncover the truth about Angelica's past and a bit of his.



This is where Angelica lives and this is where Highland Academy is, the main characters were all born in London.

Angelica and Katie's Penthouse

Where Angelica and Katie lives, it is a prestigious penthouse who was offered to Angelica by her parents, it is near Highland Academy.

David's Penthouse

The penthouse of David which is near Angelica's and Katie's, it was also offered by his parents altough David worked a lot to win some money to buy it.

Highland Academy

The prestigious academy known for its many subjects (art, journalism, cuisine, photography, science, fashion, cinema) a lot of great photographs, actresses, journalists and other many artists were from this school.


  • Blue represents Angelica's favorite color and Nothingness represents the fact that she knows nothing about her past.
  • The endings and openings are sung by the electropop group Perfume.

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