Bloody Moon
('Buraddi mūn')
StudioJ.C Staff
NetworkTV Studio
Original RunSeptember 3, 2016
Opening SongBewitchment
Ending SongWhite Magic

Bloody Moon (ブラッディ・ムーン Buraddi Mūn) is a supernatural anime created by MikuHatsune145.


Four childs, each of them born with tremendous powers, two hybrids, one vampire and one werewolf, with the help of a powerful white witch. They draw their power of the moon and represents its four main phases, dealing with demons, witch hunters and dark witches. Kagami and Ludwig born from a powerful witch with incredible knowledge about Magic and from the Vampire King with immeasurable powers. Adolpha and Wolfang are born from a powerful witch-werewolf hybrid and the Werewolf King. That amount of power created powerful children and their role is to keep the balance they ,created, unbalanced.


  • Color: Dark Pink

Kagami is a kind, devoted, serious and helpful person, who will help anyone in need, along with her family lineage and her mother, they are one powerful witches ever, even if she's an hybrid (Witch-Vampire) she's more witch than vampire. She completed her Ritual of Obtnainment when she was 6 years old, resulting in her controlling her powers better than any other witches. She's a good sister and cares a lot about her family and helps her brother whenever he needs help. Kagami loves singing, cooking and writing, her other hobby is gothic dressing, she loves wearing gothic clothes and always has feathers and pentagrams on her clothes. She also has a passion for music as she takes violin and piano lessons, she also likes ballet but her dream is to become a great musician, her many inspirations being Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner and Bach. Kagami loves her brother and they support each other in their work, Ludwig even cheered his sister to go talk to her love interest Andrew, the two has a normal brother and sister relationship. Kagami is a witch so powerful that she possess her own coven, even if it's difficult to spent for a modern-day witch and vampire, she has to deal with every kind of creature everyday.


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