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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    I recently joined a another website for people who love to write and My name on the site is CureLadyMoon1316.  I just wanted to tell everyone about this because I am going put many of my series up on this site that are on this wiki.

    Here is the sites URL 

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    I am planning to write a fan fiction series called Pretty Rhythm PreCure Diamond Hope which would center around 3 girls who are selected to go to the prestigous Rizumukyua Academy, a boarding school in Japan that teaches young on how to become either a Pretty Cure, a Prism Star, or both.  The 3 girls will be from around the world and will be selected to become both Pretty Cures and Prism Stars.  They will form the pretty cure team Pretty Cure Diamond Hope and the prism star team GEM.  This will all take place in a parallel universe seperate from both the Main Pretty Rhythm universe and all the Pretty Cure Universes.

    I hope I am aloud to do this as it would be something new for me to try out and have fun with.

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  • Horizonfudgy


    August 15, 2015 by Horizonfudgy


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  • Cure Alumi

    Happy New Year 2015!

    January 1, 2015 by Cure Alumi

    Finally~ 2015 has started! What else to say?

    Happy New Year, Anime Fanon Wiki! Let's CELEBRATE!

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    I recently joined a website for people who love to write and My name on the site is Selene Tsuki.  I just wanted to tell everyone about this because I am going put many of my series up on this site that are on this wiki.

    Here is the sites URL 

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  • Cure Alumi

    The Main Page Request

    November 29, 2014 by Cure Alumi

    I want to ask the community about updating the main page, because the 3 series there are very old compared to present day. Sooo... we need different series, about 4 I guess? So! Just leave your opinion on which series(s) you want featured on the main page! Also, I will update the Navigation Bar very soon! :D

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  • LunarSolar

    I've created a Wikia 2

    November 9, 2014 by LunarSolar

    It's a wikia of where you can Put your OC's, fanfics etc of any movies here like Cloud 9, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, High School Musical, etc. You can even make your own movies.

    If want to see it click here

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    I am doing lots of research into the Legend of Zelda franchise and its many differeny games and other media, as well as other things like characters, places, and equipment.

    The basic premise is that a man has hidden a virtual world he made of both magic and science based on the Legend of Zelda video games that he has been working on for years and finally finished away in an unknown and secret place in the internet to keep it hidden from the rest of the world.  

    But some bad man gets into this amazing world so he summons real people from around the world to become characters of the virtual world like Link and Zelda, as well as others like Midna and Princess Ruto.  They enter this virtual world by dialing special codes in their cell phones and…

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  • FairySina

    "The white feather helping everyone in the Wiki! Cure Wiki!"

    This is Cure Wiki, the helping hand from the Pretty Cure Worldwide! Wiki! This is a wiki for fan created International Pretty Cures, like the Bombergirls Pretty Cure or Cure Wave and Cure Sunset. But this time, created by you!

    I'm here to search for some company! The wiki has recently attacked by the Phantom Empire! Min'na please help me! Here is the Link to my page:

    Cure Wiki is here to help you!

    Thank you very much ~

    It's me now, FairySina. I'd be really happy, if some of you would join the wiki! :)

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  • LunarSolar

    I've created a new Wikia

    September 2, 2014 by LunarSolar

    It's a wikia of all things Cinderella that anyone can edit or contribute Cinderella-related information and Cinderella facts.

    Here is the link:

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  • SiRenfield

    4Kids, what else is there to say? They make very medicore if not just downright bad dubs of good anime ,but as bad as they are, I feel like I need tons of brain bleach when reading and watching parodies on Tumblr or YouTube. So I'm basically making a video that deconstructs the worst of these parodies using Hellsing. Plan on making a page before I start recording, the script is already written.

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  • CureHibiki

    Hey, guys! I'm back and with a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fanseries known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moonlight! I'll be mostly editing on this series and it will be updated almost all the time and I can't wait to upload the episodes. Keep an eye out for updates Sailor Moon fans!

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    I wanna make some new fan adaptations of boh popular, well known, or little known anime and manga series.  I have some ideas but I wanna hear what all my friends on this wiki have to say, so I am taking suggestions and ideas to come with a new fan adaptation.  And you must also choose a genre from my list that you want me to use to make the fan adaptation in the show or book that you want me to use.  You can choose up to 5 genres per a series.

    I will also accept TV shows from around the world as long as they are beautifully animated and not just plain goofy all the time and also as long as they have a good storyline and/or great characters,

    I will not make evey series into a fan adaptation because it may be hard for me to come up with an ide…

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  • LunarSolar

    Anime Ideas

    March 20, 2014 by LunarSolar

    This is the place where I will write down ideas for my brand new and old animes.

    • Luck Kingdom

    The song is said to strike fear into the hearts of the impure and courage into those who are pure of heart. It can be used only by good magical creatures.

    The tears of the Alicorn can heal severe poisoning, and other illnesses and injuries.

    • Emeraldlight Kingdom
    • Stars Kingdom

    Mini Subject elves: elves that have in-depth knowledge of diverse subjects.

    • Moon Kingdom
    • Sun Kingdom
    • Rainbow Kingdom
    • Aurora Kingdom
    • Rose Kingdom
    • Iris Kingdom
    • Sunflowers Kingdom
    • Shimmers Kingdom
    • Glow Kingdom
    • Sparkle Kingdom
    • Sakura Kingdom
    • Ace Kingdom
    • Spade Kingdom
    • Diamond Kingdom
    • Clover Kingdom
    • Solarlight Kingdom
    • Lunarlight Kingdom
    • Quartz
    • Pearl Kingdom
    • Sapphire Kingdom
    • Ruby Kingdom
    • Topaz Kingdom
    • Crystal Ki…

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  • CureKanade

    This is the place where I will write down ideas for my series, Cinderella ~Another Story~.

    • Rara - Shes one of the fairy godparents adviser and mentor.
    • Yosei occasionally tell good advice to Iona.
    • Iona leaves her CD that has all her songs she sang in it at Akihiro's place by accident when her time limit of being out was up .
    • Kazuyo does the opposite of what fairy god mothers do. Instead of granting wishes, he makes Mia's life worst and says that if she doesn't try to be nice to Iona, he will make her and Ria's life so miserable that they would regret ever being mean to Iona.
      • Kazuyo must make Mia nicer to Iona. He she refuses three times even with his magic, he must give up. He she does become nicer to Iona, Mia must make Ria nice as well for Ka…

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  • LunarSolar

    Here a list of songs and for which Fandoms:

    1. Heart-Pounding Miracles💗, External Purity Virtues, Myth of Crystal Mermaids, Power of Bonds, Sacred Rainbowlight Magic, Eternity Coral, ROMANCE, Saints Nocturne for Mermaid Melody Crystal Pitch.
    2. Swans Heart for The Three Swans
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  • FigureGunplaFan

    Latest Update:

    Added caption box on these selected templates:

    • Template: Episode Information
    • Template: Character Infobox ver.2
    • Template:TV Series
    • Template: Movies (YET TO BE ADDED)

    Feel free to add some captions, normal, humorous or whatever. However we do not accept bad words UNLESS IT'S CENSORED.

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  • CureKanade

    Pretty Cure Trailers

    January 26, 2014 by CureKanade

    This is the page where I put up trailers for my new Pretty Cure series before they are released.

    • Sugar & Spice Pretty Cure!

    Elderflower Kingdom has been attacked by Blandness but thanks to Cure Clove, Blandness was driven away. A month later however, Blandness attacked the kingdom and Cure Clove could do nothing to stop them. So, down on Earth with Cinnamon and Powder, Cure Clove searches for four other Pretty Cure partners to protect the Sugary Flower from the evil group. In Hanabira City, she meets Hanai Kaori who seems to know everything about Pretty Cure...
    To air on April 5, 2014 with the themes of spice, cooking, flowers and secrets.

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  • Cure Honey

    Hello :)

    January 13, 2014 by Cure Honey

    Hello:) My name is Cure Honey and I love Pretty Cure so much! Like a lot you can't even ask me how much I do. You may call call me anything you like except for anything rude. I am a fan of anime pretty much and I am looking forward to seeing this wiki improve over the days, week, months and years :) I'll help in improving it! So...nice to meet you all!

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    What should I do a magical girl adaptation next?

    I will consider any suggestions, but I will not make an adaptation of every series suggested.

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    This will be a page where I put up trailers for my new series before they are released.

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  • FigureGunplaFan

    This message is written by the anonymous person (Name written at the title) from Walpurgis Chan himself:

    "As someone who's actually really fascinated by this sort of thing, I feel the need to correct everyone on everything. I hate all these misconceptions about 4Kids.

    - Puns: Yes, puns everywhere. This is a perfectly applicable point.

    - Names: I don't know why people keep doing the simple name things, but 4Kids rarely used a naming format that actually kept the same first letters as the real names (when they don't keep them). Ichigo Momomiya? Zoey Hanson. Satoshi? Ash. The closest 4Kids got to that sort of thing was in Ojamajo Doremi, Yu-Gi-Oh, and to a lesser extent Shaman King (they kept a surprising amount of names there).

    - Censorship: The…

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  • FigureGunplaFan

    Any suggestions??? Feel free to answer!

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    Episode previews

    September 29, 2013 by CureSailorMoon1617

    This is where I will be posting episode previews for my series.

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    The series has been licensed and dubbed by Sentai Filmworks.  They just released the series on DVD last week.  Can not wait to see it.

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    In the past, anime dubbing was pretty complicated.  They change names, songs, titles, and a lot more.

    But today anime dubbing is pretty cool and wonderful.  They don't change the names, songs, titles, and everything else any more.

    Funimation is probably the top anime company in North America right now. It has dubbed Dragon Ball, and many other great classic series.

    The anime industry can sometimes seem unstable.  Some companie that were competely dependant on anime dubbing have gone out of buisness.

    No matter what company dubs it though, they are all super cool and wonderful dubs.

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    The new Sailor Moon anime series that we have all been waiting for is coming out this winter and I sure am happy to know when it is finally coming out.  

    Sailor Moon started as manga series back in 1992 and was turned into a popular anime series by Toei Animation.  There was also a live action series by the Toei Company in 2004.  And now a new anime series coming out this winter.  

    Sailor Moon is diffently an extreamly popular anime series.  The series helped popularize anime around the world and was a huge hit around the world.  Sailor Moon will continue to be popular into the far future I hope.

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    Many of my original stories of the future and present will be based on classic fairy tales and well known lagends.  I will also use plays and musicals as well as story books.  

    I am going to write alot of series based on classic fairy tales.  Here are some ideas for future series:

    - Cinderella

    - The Little Mermaid

    - The White Cat

    - Snow White

    - And a few more

    I am also going to use the legends of Camelot and even a few plays by shakesphere.  I hope every one will like all my future original series.

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  • CureSailorMoon1617

    Magical Girls have been around since the 1960's and have remained popular.  I love to fanfiction based on magical girls because it is fun and I enjoy it.  I plan to do some more fanfiction about magical girls.  I will also talk about my fanfiction series and tell some facts about them.

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  • FigureGunplaFan

    Fans realize that uncut versions of any Anime is sold well in stores. However: if one was licensed by 4Kids, and boom. Anime is ultimately ruined forever.

    • Princess of the Magical World.
    • Origami Tobichii as Akemi Homura.
    • No Magical girl Raps.
      • Alternate Universe reboot comic series.
      • Adding Rei from Vividred as a new character.

    • A British Accented Spirit.
      • Same goes as the other character.
    • A Spirit can banish people into Shadow Realms.
    • "What in the name of Issac???"
    • Colors being painted in skins.
    • Tobichii Origami-negger.
    • Two Compilation films similar to the Madoka Magica Movies.

    • An OFFICIAL reboot of Magical Molly! by Magica Quartlet itself.
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  • LunarSolar

    Facts about me

    August 22, 2013 by LunarSolar

    I like flowers, fruit and vegetables.

    I like Manga, anime, TV shows, movies and cartoons.

    I prefer brains over beauty and brawns.

    I like to create pictures on iPad is by pressing Home button and Hold button at the same time.

    I like some animals.

    I like fireflies, dragonflies, butterflies and some species of caterpillar.

    I don't like skirts.

    I don't like fame.

    I don't like comics.

    I like to make Images on computer is by press Print Screen On some keyboards, PrtScn might appear as PrtSc or a similar abbreviation. Click on it and paste it on Microsoft presentation than edit it. Right click on the mouse and press "Save as Picture". Than choose the name for picture and press Save.

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  • FigureGunplaFan

    Some idiot

    August 12, 2013 by FigureGunplaFan

    OK some wikia contributor is trying to mess our posts by clearing them. I wonder who he/she is.

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  • FigureGunplaFan

    Somebody make a template for the characters...I'm not that skilled making them.

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  • LunarSolar

    If anyone want to know about my Shakugan no Shana OC's Treasure Tools look at this page, Miscellaneous and Locations (User: LunarSolar).

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