A member of Magic.Com Pretty Cure .  Her online name is LittleBunnyGirl10 and her cure identity is Cure Bunny. 

Bianca Bianconiglio
Cure Bunny
Kanji ビアンカホワイトラビット
Age 12
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Blonde (Bianca Bianconiglio & LittleBunnyGirl10)

Purple (Cure Bunny)

Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Mother

Father Older sister

Occupation Middle school Student




She is a kind, innocent, and childish but annoying and hyper 12 year old girl.  She loves anime and manga for kids, fairy tales, picture books, sitcoms, disney movies, and anything with glitter and bunnies. Her favorite author is Rumiko Takahashi. Her favorite animals are bunnies and elephants.  Her favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.  Her favorite anime and manga franchises are Inuyasha, One Piece, and Pokemon.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Her theme colors violet and purple.  Her powers are nature and she is an archer type player as a pretty cure.  She shows excellent aim in battle.  She acts as the second in command of Magic.Com Pretty Cure when in battle and does her best in her job as a moderator of Mahoku.







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