Begin Training: Kotori-Tank's Debut!
Japanese title 訓練を開始:ことりタンクのデビュー!
Episode Information
Episode no. 001
Airdate January 16, 2016
Languages Japanese
Duration 24 minutes
Episode Navigation
002: This Should Not Be a Secret

Begin Training: Kotori-Tank's Debut! (訓練を開始:ことりタンクのデビュー! Kunren o kaishi: Kotori Tanku no debyū!) is the first episode of Fight! Kotori-Tank!, which aired in Japan on January 16, 2016.


Ever since she was a toddler, Sakamoto Amaya has kept a bow dear to her. Suddenly, she has nightmares of a group attacking the Earth! Though at first dismissed as childhood dreams, when a new dream tells her to shout a phrase, she finds out the truth.


Task 1: 10 Years AgoEdit

The episode begins in a flashback. A little girl (Amaya) and her mother (Asuka) are looking for clothes that the girl can wear for school. Amaya notices a collection of cute, green bows and impatiently asks Asuka about buying it. A nearby cashier mentions that the bow (Lucky Fresh Bow) is unique in the fact that only one of the many bows sold presents a power to its lucky customer. Amaya, now thinking that it will involve something adorable, begs Asuka even more into buying it. Finally, the purchase goes with success, and the cashier watches as the two head out of the store.

The little Amaya is then shown crying in bed, and Asuka comes to check up on her. She does not want to tell her why she was crying because it was scary. Asuka, understanding the issue, helps her calm down with a childhood song that always helped her go to sleep. Amaya finally falls asleep, only moments later to burst into tears once more. Asuka asks if she would like to sleep with her, to which she agrees. Then, the opening is played and task 1 of the episode is complete.

Task 2: IllusionsEdit

Task 3: The Battle Girl's BirthEdit



  • Most of the minor characters do not appear until the following episode, likely due to the story's introduction and flashbacks.
  • It is revealed that each episode is split into three "tasks," which are the parts of the episode, to make telling the story a bit easier.

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