Beast Killer (ビーストキラー Bīsutokirā) is a Japanese anime about creatures known as Beasts, and the people that try to stop them.


Hantā Shakira is a Beast Killer operating within Kage, a beast hunting company. However, his world is turned upside down after he rescues a mysterious beast called Mabaeru from some Kyodaina kumo. Shortly after, he meets Hīrā, a girl working with Hikari. Hikari is against beast killing and Kage, and Hantā is well aware of this. Even so, Hikari may be the only thing that knows the mystery behind Mabaeru...


Hantā Shakira (ハンターシャキーラ Hantā Shakīra)

Voice Actor: Samuru Akabe

The protagonist of the series and the tamer of Mabaeru. Hantā's a nice guy who used to work for Kage, but switched to Hikari after Burūzā escaped. He has a very poorly-hidden crush on Hīrā. Hantā can be short-tempered and bossy, but he has a god heart and is willing to put his life on the line for others.

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