Magical Molly! Short
Episode Information
Directed by Ryouki Kamitsubo
Airdate 2014
Languages English
Duration 1 Minute
Studio SHAFT
Distributor Magica Comics

Magica Quartlet

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Sabrina's Violin Lesson
Batter Swing is one of the 1-Minute Short Episodes based on Magica Comic's Magical Molly! series.


The scene takes place on an open space garden, with the 5 girls playing baseball: Molly & Hilda as a batter, Sabrina as an umpire, Kacey as a catcher & Rei as a pitcher. As the game begins, Molly loses 3 strikes (due to her being weak), and tags Hilda as a batter. As Rei tried to do the fast ball, Hilda successfully hit the ball, flew it to the highest sky (or to space), the rest of the girls are shocked with surprise, except for Rei, she only mutters "Homerun".

Characters appearingEdit

  • Molly Kelley
  • Hilda Adams
  • Sabrina Mickey
  • Kacey Stevens
  • Rei


Animation ErrorsEdit


Continuity notesEdit

  • This Hilda appeared in this series were braided & wore glasses (mostly due to the aftermath of the conflict to Dark Hilda).



  • Christine Marie Cabanos - Molly
  • Christina Vee - Hilda
  • Sarah Williams - Sabrina
  • Lauren Landa - Kacey
  • Bella Hudson - Rei


  • Director - Ryouki Kamitsubo


  • In the Japanese dub of the short, Maaya Uchida reprised her role as Rei (Even though it's not a Vividred Character).
  • This short might have taken place at the second arc of the comic series.
  • Hilda and Rei wore the same purple cap.
  • Molly's weak strength as a batter is mostly based on this fan comic.
  • The scene that Rei says "homerun" in the Japanese Dub was pronounced as "Ho-mu-run"
  • Is Hilda really that strong?

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