Barasono Shizuku
バラ園 雫 Barasono Shizuku
SeasonCodename: Rosetta
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceMarine
First AppearanceRosetta One
Alter EgoRosetta
Theme ColorPink
Blue (With Lilica)
Japanese Voice ActorHisako Kanemoto
Barasono Shizuku (バラ園 雫 Barasono Shizuku?) is the protagonist of Codename: Rosetta . Using the Rose Hairpin, she turns into the titular character Rosetta (ロゼッタ Rozetta?).


Shizuku has brown hair that goes just past her shoulders. Her eyes are pink.

Her school uniform is a creme blazer, with the school's crest on the breast. Under her blazer is a short sleeves white dress shirt with a pink-red tie. Over the shirt is a pale grey vest. She pairs it with a black pleated shirt, with a white line near the end of the skirt. Her shoes are also creme ankle boots and black socks.

Her causal wear is a red dress, black tights, brown lace up boots and a pale chestnut cardigan. Her summer outfit is a frilly red tank top, grey shorts, and brown sandles. Her hair is held in a pony tail. In every outfit she wears the rose hairpin.




  • Lilica - Although suspious at first, Shizuku and Lilica end up becoming best friends.
  • Tenku Teruno - They are shown to be good friends.



As Rosetta, Shizuku wears a white dress shirt under a black vest. She pairs it with a long pink open jacket and red shorts. She pairs it with black tight and pink boots. Her hair gets wavier. Her rose hairpin turns a brighter pink. In certain situations, she the rose hairpin into a hat.

With Lilica, Rosetta's outfit is the same but blue instead of pink.


  • Rosetta Blizzard
  • Full Rose Shine (With Lilica)


Barasono (バラ園): Bara (バラ) translates to rose, while sono (園) means garden.

Shizuku (雫): Shizuku (雫) means drop.

Her names translates to rose garden drop


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