Băo Lián Wen Lí
寶蓮文麗 'Wen Lí Băo Lián'
Age15 (S1)
16 (S2)
Eye ColorLime Green
Hair ColorLime Green
Home PlaceWen Lí Family Castle
RelativesHua Wen Lí (mother)
Jiang Wen Lí (father)
Meng Yao Wen Lí (older brother)
Koji Wen Lí (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorNana Mizuki

Băo Lián Wen Lí (寶蓮文麗 Băo Lián Wen Lí) is the main protagonist of Dragon Spirit and the second heiress of the Wen Lí Family. She's the daughter of a powerful goddess and god making her and her brothers gods and goddess.


Băo Lián is a beautiful young girl, she possesses abilities since her birth that she uses for good deeds, she loves her older brother Meng Yao and Koji her cute little brother. She cares a lot about her family and friends, she would never abandon them, her little brother always follows her and Meng Yao. She can manipulate nature, fire and has six dragons (seven with her dragon spirit), she can also manipulate several knives at once and is an extremely powerful telekinetic powers. Băo Lián has lots of passions: she loves flowers, music and dance. She has a huge knowledge about martial arts, since she practice it since she's 5 years old, she also practices fencing and kung fu. She also teaches Koji with Meng Yao, they both cares a lot about their adorable little brother.

Lián (as she is nicknamed) loves reading, going out with Isis and taking care of Koji. She also has talents in sewing, she learn how to sew with her mother and now, creates beautiful traditional chinese clothes, Lián wears most of the time qipao dresses and kimonos. She also sometimes wears the royal family's jewels (a hair pin, a bracelet and a ring). Lián is always followed by her two maids: Rose & Lily, two twin sisters (who lives for 1 000 years), she considers them as friends and she often talk to them about her problems and they give her good advices. She is a determined, headstrong and smart person who never gives up.


Main article: Băo Lián Wen Lí/Outfits

Lián is described as extremely beautiful, she has lime green hair reaching her ankles with a braid on the right side of her head, she has lime green eyes, a pale skin and is very tall. She wears a white lily hair accesory which have a knife hid on it.

Her combat outfit consist of a heart-corset with white for the upper-part, green and white printed lillies, a black part with white crossed wires, a mini-skirt with black, white and green lillies printed on it, a black belt with a gold medallion like part which has knives hidden within it. She wears black fishnet stockings and green sandals with kimono shoe like tissue parts.


Lián is very friendly, caring and cute, she's beautiful and is described as deadly, scary and can merciless when she's battling. She's a joyful person and is always seen with a smiling face.

She can be shy and reserved sometimes, she can tell her secrets to her friends and know that she can count on them and they can count on her. When she's sad, she tries to comfort her friends and if they notice that she's sad, they will comfort her.

She's elegant and is a refined woman, she is always seen with beautiful and ladylike clothes, or with qipao dresses, she sometimes wear a bit of make-up (on her lips and eyes) mostly discreet make-up (she doesn't like when it's too flashy).


  • Dragon Scale Sword - A sword made from a sort of divine metal, it contains powerful magic within its emerald on the scabbard. Because of her fencing practice, she uses perfectly her sword, she can do powerful attacks, she can summon spectral like green swords, she can cut trough anything and deflect powerful attacks and even cut bullets.
  • Dragon Spear - A spear which also contains a stone wich powerful magic, she can do the same thing with her spear that she do with her sword. But the magic in the stone allows her to combine magic with her attacks that increases the damages.
  • Emerald Chakram - Two emerald green chakram rings, it has tree blades, she can use them without having to wield them with her telekinetic powers. It can cut trough anything and can burn with Lián's pyrokinetic powers.
  • Lily Knives - Several knives that Lián can manipulate with her telekinesis, she can do special attacks with her knives such as Blade Rain, where more than a thousands of knives rains on demons, from the sky or the ground. She can shot them like bullets or throw them like meteors. She also made a system in her boots, that when she tap on her heels, a knife throws out of the boot's belt. She also hides knives in the gold part of her belt.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - Lián is an extremely powerful telekinesis user, she can lift humans, demons, or things trice her weight, she can use her weapons without wielding them with her telekinesis. She can break walls or the ground, she can manipulate molecules (she can inhibit, immobilize or combusts molecules). When her powers were increased, her telekinetic powers were even more powerful. When she uses her powers, her eyes glows lime green.
    • Telekinetic Blast - Lián can throw powerful telekinetic blasts which can disintegrate or repel anything.
    • Psionic Explosion - She can also makes powerful psionic explosions that could decimate a city or an entire forest.
    • Unarmed Weapon Wielding - She can wield her weapons with her telekinetic powers and throw them at her enemies, she can also use her sword with this power for more powerful attacks.
    • Flight - Using her telekinesis, she can fly.
    • Telekinetic Constructs - She can create wires, shields, tendrils or clones out of telekinetic energy.
    • Telekinetic Energy Manipulation - Lián can manipulate telekinetic energy at will, she can mold it into what she wants and creates blasts of telekinetic energy.
    • Telekinetic Grip - She's able to stop attacks or projectiles with a hand gesture and can redirect it to her opponents.
    • Telekinetic Combat - She can fuse her combat skills with telekinesis, making her an even more powerful adversary.
    • Telekinetic Destruction - She can blow up tables, break up walls or destroy falling rocks using telekinesis, just by looking at something.
    • Wound Inducement - She can inflict wounds on her enemies just by looking at them.
    • Remote Telekinesis - She can control something which is miles away without having to see it.
    • Telekinetic Cutting - She can cut everything she wants using telekinesis.
    • Telekinetic Push - She can push objects or lead them to her.
    • Telekinetic Maneuver - She can change an object's direction using telekinesis.
  • Green Pyrokinesis - Lián can manipulate fire (mostly green fire), her green fire is more intense and harder to control than normal or blue fire but she can manipulate it without difficulty, she can create firestorms, fire tornados, fire whips or even huge fire hands.
    • Pyrokinetic Constructs - She can create anything ranging to fire balls from huge fire arms from a giant three-headed snake, she can manipulate fire to shape it into what she wants at her will.
    • Pyrokinetic Combat - She can fuse combat with her pyrokinetic abilities, increasing her combat skills.
    • Fire Attacks - She can do attacks with her fire abilities: she can do blasts, fire balls, she can create fire pillars and incinerate her opponents.
    • Fire Breath - Lián can breath fire and throw it at her opponent, she blows fire directly at her enemies and can also melt everything.
  • Chlorokinesis - Lián can manipulate nature, she can communicate with nature, she can manipulate thorny vines and can summon monster plants.
    • Chlorokinetic Constructs - She can create whips, cages and monsters with her chlorokinetic powers.
    • Plant Communication - She can communicate with plants and command them to do what she want, she is described as a friend of nature.
    • Vine Manipulation - She can cut and imprison her enemies with her vines, she can also create walls made out of thorny vines.
    • Toxikinesis - She can manipulate plants' toxicity and poison her enemies, she can also summon a purple toxic cloud of toxin out of toxic flowers.
    • Sporakinesis - She can summon flowers which can summon spores which can makes her opponents sleep.
  • Telepathy - Lián is able to communicate with people with her telepathic powers, this power is so great that she can enter the mind of everybody and see their past, present and future.
    • Mind Control - Lián can control the mind of everybody, she can make demons obeys her, humans or even animals and gods.
  • Gladiokinesis - Lián is able to manipulate knives, she can call them and throw or shot them at her opponent, her knives are able to cut trough everything. Because of her knive manipulation ability, she gained the nickname of The Mistress of Knives.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Without her weapons, she's able to put a hard battle with her martial arts and kung fu skills, she also proved to be extremely powerful.
  • Superhuman Strength - Lián possess a strength thrice a group of 10 people, she can lift things twice her weight, can repel her enemies fastly and easily overpower them.
  • Superhuman Speed - She possess a speed which can help her to dodge attacks and increase her fighting skills.
  • Genius-level Intellect: Lián is highly intelligent, she can put on the best strategies for battle, she can also elaborate the best plans and use her intelligence in battle so she can increase her fighting abilities.
  • Elemental Control - As her dragons possesses the power to manipulate elements, she can tap into their powers, allowing her to manipulate all elements at her will. She can cause plants to grow, thunder storms, rain to fall, strong gusts of wind, can create fire and earthquakes.


Lián possess six dragons who can take a human appearance similar to her but with a different hair and eye color. They all have different powers and all have a weapon they can use (in their human forms).


Main page: Sakura

Sakura is a dragon who can manipulate magic, she aims to be powerful as Lián's mother, she is the owner of powerful magic artifacts and of a powerful magic she created herself. She's a bit shy and reserved.


Main page: Kasai

A fire dragon, in her human form, she is sweet, strong-willed and caring, she can shape fire at her will. She possess a cheerful personality, she is always for her friends, because they are all Lián's dragons, they consider each other like sisters.


Main page: Mizu

Mizu is a calm and sweet dragon, she can, hence her name, manipulate water, she likes doing Yoga and art, she sometimes act like an older sister and is a responsible person, she's also very smart.


Main page: Kaminari

Kaminari is described as an electric battery: she's cheerful, always excited and is an electricity dragon, she tries to tone down but she's always excited. Like Chikyu, her electric powers manifests everytime she's excited.


Main page: Kaze

Kaze is a wind dragon, she's calm and elegant in her human form, she is a hardworker and also acts like an older sister, she prefer her human form than her dragon because she can do things freely like eating, running or drinking.


Main page: Chikyu

Chikyu is always excited, she's cheerful and smiling, she's like a battery which never run out of juice, because she is always excited she has difficulty controlling her super strength.


  • Meng Yao Wen Lí - Lián cares a lot about her older brother, she loves him and he gives her good advices both for her training and for her problems, they both cares a lot about Koji, the youngest of the family. She likes seeing him happy and hopes that he will be happy with his gilfriend, she also wishes for her to find love and for her brother to live a happy childhood.
  • Koji Wen Lí - Her beloved little brother, she cares a lot about him and love taking care of him, she helps him training with his powers, she also know that despite his young age, he fell in love with their neighbour. He is a cute and friendly child.
  • Isis Massri - An egyptian girl who traveled to China with her parents, she becamed Lián's bestfriend after they met at school, she was new and Lián introduced her to the town. She learns how to control her newfound powers with Lián, they get along greatly together.


  • Favorite Foods: Veggie noodles, veggie burger, tomato soup, waffles, crepes, veggie crepes, gyoza, grilled vegetables.
  • Favorite Drinks: Tea, water, apple juice.
  • Birthday: October 15th (Libra)
  • Favorite Color: Lime Green
  • Favorite Flower: Lily
  • When she uses her telekinetic powers, her eyes glows and her hair floats unlike Meng Yao's who surrounded by a lime green aura and Koji's eyes grow a lighter shade of green.
  • She's been described as a Goddess of Intelligence, Lillies, Blades, Nature and Dragons.
  • Her favorite animals are the bunnies.
  • Lián's family explained that she's at the peak level of telekinesis, being able to do everything with this power.

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