"But, Sakura-chan..."

-Ayane when Sakura gives her the copy of the blooming coord

Ninji Ayane (彩音 虹 ayane ninji)is a new student at Starlight Academy. The main brand she uses is Aurora Fantasy. Her aura is made of rainbow-colored musical notes and pale rainbows, and an aurora borealis is added later. Her autograph is based on cursive Ayane and a shiloutte of a fairy. Her zodiac sign is Aries.


Ayane is dreamy, imaginative, and creative. She wants to open her own brand, Dreamy Rainbow, when she grows up. But she crys easily, and she has food allergies.


Ayane has light blond shoulder-length hair that is tied into cute twin-braids. Her eyes are pale pink.


Sakura Kitaoji: one of Ayane's best friends. She adores Ayane, because she has every single Aurora Fantasy card except the Blooming Coord. Sakura gives her a copy of the Blooming Coord later.

Green Grass: Ayane's foster parents after Ayane's parents died when a car accident occurred when she was very young. Before Ayane attended Starlight Academy, Ayane had helped Aurora Fantasy design coords.

Kanon Ayame:Ayane's bestest best friend and roommate. When Ayane cries, she's the first one to reassure her.

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