" Today is another happy day !"

-Ayako's catchphrase

Ayako Hikaru (彩子 光 hikaru ayako)is a new student in Starlight Academy. Her favourite brand is Happy Rainbow. Her aura is composed of citrus fruits. Her autograph is based on roman cursive Ayako with a big speck of light, symbolizing " light (Hikaru) ". Her zodiac sign is Taurus .


Ayako has honey-blond hair tied into a really high ponytail and she has honey yellow eyes.


Ayako is laid back and carefree but sometimes she is absent-minded. She really loves cute things.


Ayane and Ayame: Her bestest best friends. They remind Ayako when she forgets things.

Makoto Nijigahara: Her stepfather after her dad divorced. Makoto isn't too strict on Ayako as on others.

Otome Arisugawa: She and Ayako had been friends since elementary school, but they haven't seen each other for a very long time.

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