Aya Waseda


Personal Informations


Aya Waseda


早稲田 アヤ (Waseda Aya)












Ikuko Waseda (Mother)




Sakuragi High School

Other Informations

Appeared in:

I Can't Be This Cute

Voice Actor:

Emiri Kato (Japanese)
Hilary Haag (English)

Aya Waseda is one of the characters in "I Can't Be This Cute".

Personality Edit

Aya is very shy and anxious to the point where she stutters and shakes often. On top of that, she is very hyper focused on studied because of her strict mother and always strives her philosophy on being the best. She also tries to be as polite as possible such as not using contractions and referring to most people by their last name. This is especially evident when she acts clumsy, although she apologizes for things that don't have anything to do with her.

Appearance Edit

Aya is a girl barely taller than Takuhiko with short blue hair and brown eyes with glasses. Her casual wear consists of a plain sweater and skirt along with her usual, black tights.

History Edit

While she was hyper-focused since day one it wasn't always to this extent. She used to attend a strict, all-girls Catholic middle school several miles due to both it's high university admissions rate for the top tier colleges in the country and having no men means to Ikuko that she'll only focus on studying. However she was taught not to enter romantic relationships until graduate school regardless of sexuality. However the reason she's attending a public high school despite being top of her class and a grade skipper is because she was one point away from getting the minimum score for the high school her mother wanted. And because of this, she's been working extra hard as to not disappoint her mother

Trivia Edit

  • Her last name is a reference to Waseda University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan.
  • She was originally going to be more of a Kuudere similar to many other glasses characters like Yuki Nagato, but was made into the shy and clumsy type instead.

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