Avatar: Legend of Angela is an avatar fan series by PrincessLittleAngel1314 and CureSailorMoon1617

Avatar: Legend of Angela
Kanji Abatā: Anjera no densetsu
TV Series information
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Producers CureSailorMoon1617


Writers PrincessLittleAngel1314
Languages Japanese


Music By PrincessLittleAngel1314



350 years after the time of Avatar Korra, a young airbender named Angela discovers she is the new avatar and must now learn to master all 4 elements.


Main Characters


She is a playful and cute 16 year old girl who is loveing and nice.  She is super cheerful and a great person to be around.  She is a direct decendent of Avatar Anng and is the current Avatar.  She loves sweets and candy and fruits.  She is always super positive it seems.


Diana's twin brother and a 15 year old fire bender.  He has a secret crush on Angela and is often trying to impress her but is doesn't work out like he thinks it will most of the time.   He often gets into arguments with is twin sister and is the one teaching Angela fire bending.


Apollo's twin sister and a 15 year old water bender. She thinks of Angel as a sister and promises to always be there for her no matter what.  She often gets into arguments with her twin brother and is the one teaching Angela waterbending.


A school teacher and an 21 year old earth bender.



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