Eye ColorGold yellow
Hair ColorSilver
RelativesAudrey (mother)
Audrick (father)
Adrien (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorMiyuki Sawashiro

Audreen is an S-Class Elementum, she's one of the main protagonist of Chemical.


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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Aurumkinesis - Audreen is able to shape gold at her will, gold i. extremely malleable and she can mold it into what she wants: she can transform gold into shields, weapons or wires. She can transform gold into everything she wants.
  • Gold Mimicry - Audreen can transform parts or her entire body into gold, in this form she is bullet-proof and can stop knives and blades. She can also resist to oxydation and can conduct electricity.
  • Chrysopoeia - She can transform anything she touches into gold, she can also retransform something into its original state.
  • Gold Dust Manipulation - She can manipulate gold dust, she can transform gold into gold dust and an do tornados of gold dust.
  • Metal Attacks - Audreen can do metal attacks: she can project bolts, blasts, balls and can do other attacks using mainly gold.
  • Ferrokinetic Invisibility - She can become invisible by transforming a wall into gold and become invisible by transforming into gold.
  • Metal Aura - Like every elementum, she has an aura that duplicates her powers and increases the damages of her attacks.
  • Superhuman Strength - She can lift things thrice her weight, she can send her enemies far away with just a kick. She is able to destroy huge rocks, building pillars or the building itself.
  • Superhuman Speed - She is extremely fast, which allows her to dodge attacks or attack her enemies so fast that they can't see her.
  • Supernatural Durability - She can be kicked or punched a lot but will resist more than normal humans and resists to things like: explosions or falling debris.
  • Superhuman Hearing - Her superhuman hearing allows her to know where her opponents are, this power allows her to target perfeclty her opponents just by the sound of her handgun's bullet.
  • Immortality - Elementums are immortals, they can only be killed by Zetas' poison.


  • Aurum Blaster - A giant black handgun, that can shot gold bullets infused with Phi (poison mortal for Zetas), she can also transform her handgun into a gatling gun and can shoot eight bullets at one time, she can also transform it into a rocket launcher. The Aurum Blaster is also called Handgun-Gatling-Rocket Launcher (HGRL).
  • Gold Edge - Audreen's loyal gold sword, its in the form of a rectangle, there is a trigger on the kilt that activates the Phi on it. She can makes the blade longer with her aurumkinetic powers.


  • Favorite Foods: Waffles, hamburgers, beef skewers, enchilidas, apple pie with a vanilla ice cream ball, chocolate crepes, chicken sandwich and grilled beef with vegetables
  • Favorite Drinks: Ice tea, milk, lemonade.
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Sign: Au
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower
  • Favorite Animals: Cats, dogs, birds.
  • Audreen hides her feelings in front of Nick and hates when her little brother or Hope talks about her feelings for him, in front of him.
  • She can be very picky, she always wants everything to be organized.
    • Because of this, she's very cocky.
  • She has stated that she loves almost everything that is yellow.