Eye ColorGold yellow
Hair ColorSilver with a blonde streak
Home PlaceGold Villa
RelativesAudrey (mother)
Audrick (father)
Adrien (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorMiyuki Sawashiro

Audreen is an S-Class Elementum, she's the main protagonist of Chemical.


Audreen is the daughter of two powerful elementums, she has the unique ability to manipulate gold, being able to transform anything she touches into gold or transform her own body into gold. She works a lot and wants to fight Sigma's minions then him, she want to destroy Zetas and wants Sigma to leave her home planet. With the help of her mentor Nicolas and her bestfriend Hope, they work their hardest to become better, Audreen wants to be an elite so with this status, she can have the help of other elite elementums to have a more intense training. She's very caring, tolerant and kind, she loves taking care of her little brother Aurelian, they trains very hard and wants to save their planet like their parents did.

When she was chosen to be the leader of the Team A, she was surprised that Nick or Patrizia weren't chosen for this role, she started working a lot more than usual to be a good leader. She is a good battle strategist and with the help of everyone, they all find the best plan to defeat their enemies. She really wants to save her parents did: they stopped Zetas' cannon laser by creating a giant gold shield that reflected their laser and destroyed the Mothership of the Zetas. But the emperor wants Audreen to prove that she deserves her place in the elite. Audreen is very good at weapon crafting, she transformed her handgun into a Handgun Gatling Rocket-Launcher (HGRL). She's very loyal to her weapons but is able to put hard fight hand-to-hand.

During a fight, she collapsed because she worked so hard that she fell sick but she used her regeneration power and kept fighting same if she was tired. She finally defeated her enemy but fell sick, the emperor decided to assign her to the private army. Nick who was very worried about her, when she was resting on her bed, Nick confessed his love to her and told her everything he thinks about her. After that, Audreen and Nick kissed and decided to become a couple, she promised to him that she will not work too hard to fell sick again.

Now working on the private army with Nick and Hope she wants to do her best to prove that she deserves her place in the army.


Audreen is a hard-worker, she works a lot and always trains on her fighting skills, she's a strategist and a smart person, she's very kind and likes helping her friends, she's a very caring friend and older sister and is very tolerant. She's said to be a natural born leader, she is very serious and never gives up. She sometimes acts like an older sister, she is very polite and soft-spoken. She's also very cool and elegant.


Audreen has long silver hair reaching her knees with a gold yellow streak, she has gold yellow eyes and a pale skin.

Casual Outfit 1Edit

Her first casual outfit is a yellow and white striped boat neck shirt, a black belt, yellow pants and silver high heels, she wears her handgun in its bracelet form and a gold necklace with an Au hanging on it.

Casual Outfit 2Edit

She wears a black mid-length vest with a yellow lapel, a white and yellow striped shirt, a yellow mini-skirt and black leather boots and white socks. She wears her bracelet and her necklace.

Casual Outfit 3Edit

She wears a white and yellow dress with stripes on the shirt, she wears a black belt with her dress, her bracelet and her necklace. She wears yellow high heels and has a yellow bag.

Combat OutfitEdit

She wears a white heart-shaped tube top lined with glowing neon gold lines, a black mid-length vest with a gold lapel lined in glowing gold lines. A black pleated skirt with glowing gold lines, black boots with glowing lines and white knee-high socks with glowing gold lines.


Her uniform is composed of a white blazer with the blason of the academy, a white chemise with a yellow ribbon, a black pleated skirt, black leather boots and white socks. She wears a sleeveless chemise and vest and mary jane shoes for her summer uniform. She wears a black coat in winter and a yellow scarf.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Aurumkinesis - Audreen is able to shape gold at her will, gold i. extremely malleable and she can mold it into what she wants: she can transform gold into shields, weapons or wires. She can transform gold into everything she wants.
  • Gold Mimicry - Audreen can transform parts or her entire body into gold, in this form she is bullet-proof and can stop knives and blades. She can also resist to oxydation and can conduct electricity.
  • Chrysopoeia - She can transform anything she touches into gold, she can also retransform something into its original state.
  • Gold Dust Manipulation - She can manipulate gold dust, she can transform gold into gold dust and an do tornados of gold dust.
  • Metal Attacks - Audreen can do metal attacks: she can project bolts, blasts, balls and can do other attacks using mainly gold.
  • Ferrokinetic Invisibility - She can become invisible by transforming a wall into gold and become invisible by transforming into gold.
  • Metal Aura - Like every elementum, she has an aura that duplicates her powers and increases the damages of her attacks.
  • Superhuman Strength - She can lift things thrice her weight, she can send her enemies far away with just a kick. She is able to destroy huge rocks, building pillars or the building itself.
  • Superhuman Speed - She is extremely fast, which allows her to dodge attacks or attack her enemies so fast that they can't see her.
  • Supernatural Durability - She can be kicked or punched a lot but will resist more than normal humans and resists to things like: explosions or falling debris.
  • Superhuman Hearing - Her superhuman hearing allows her to know where her opponents are, this power allows her to target perfeclty her opponents just by the sound of her handgun's bullet.
  • Immortality - Elementums are immortals, they can only be killed by Zetas' poison.


  • Aurum Blaster - A giant black handgun, that can shot gold bullets infused with Phi (poison mortal for Zetas), she can also transform her handgun into a gatling gun and can shoot eight bullets at one time, she can also transform it into a rocket launcher. The Aurum Blaster is also called Handgun-Gatling-Rocket Launcher (HGRL).
  • Gold Edge - Audreen's loyal gold sword, its in the form of a rectangle, there is a trigger on the kilt that activates the Phi on it. She can makes the blade longer with her aurumkinetic powers.


  • Favorite Foods: Waffles, hamburgers, beef skewers, enchilidas, apple pie with a vanilla ice cream ball, chocolate crepes, chicken sandwich and grilled beef with vegetables
  • Favorite Drinks: Ice tea, milk, lemonade.
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Sign: Au
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower
  • Favorite Animals: Cats, dogs, birds.
  • Audreen hides her feelings in front of Nick and hates when her little brother or Hope talks about her feelings for him, in front of him.
  • She can be very picky, she always wants everything to be organized.
    • Because of this, she's very cocky.
  • She has stated that she loves almost everything that is yellow.

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