Asuka Amatsukasa



This is what i want Asuka to looks a like
Japanese Name 天津傘 飛香
Player's Data
Appears in Dream Saga ~Knights of the Blue Sky~
Age 15 (Nakatsukuni)
17 (Takamagahara)
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Gold
Personal Status
Relatives Yuri Amatsukasa (father)
Unnamed mother
Seika Amatsukasa (older sister)

Taizou Hyuga (mentor)

Occupation Student (Nakatsukuni)
Treasure Hunter (Takamagahara)
VA (English)
VA (Japanese) Maaya Uchida

Asuka Amatsukasa (天津傘 飛香 Amatsukasa Asuka), is the protagonist of Dream Saga ~Knights of the Blue Sky~.


Asuka has a loose, short layered light blue hair and a pair of honey-golden eyes. She has a visual kei-like way of dressing and she has a silver chain, with a skull (dummy) as it's accessory, attached to her wallet.

In Takamagahara, her hair is shorter. She wears a light blue blouse with frilly sleeves and a ribbon at the back as well as a light blue cap. She also wears brown boots, dark blue shorts, and striped stockings held up by a dark blue garter belt.


As the daughter of the Shenyu City's Major, Asuka is a very curious person. She has the tendency to sneak around alone, in hope of seeing the condition of her city by her own very eyes


Born sixteen years ago in Sendai, Asuka is the first born child of Amatsukasa family. Have one older brother and one older twin sister, their name are Setsuna and Hinata Amatsukasa.

She remember about her life in the Nakatsukuni since her meeting with Shishio. Has the word Sei (青) on her magatama.

In Takamagahara, she is known as Lily (リン). She live in the town of Aragi, and she work as chef there.


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