Asami Ochitsu
麻美王室 'Ochitsū Asami'
Age15 (S1)
16 (S2)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark brown with a blue ombre
Home PlaceOchitsu Manor
RelativesMaria Ochitsu (mother)
Masayuki Ochitsu (little brother)
Japanese Voice ActorNana Mizuki


Asami is girl from a rich family (coindencially her last name means "Ruling Family"), she has butler who take care of her and she lives with her mother and little brother. Because of her status, she is respected by a lot of people, her mother owns a fashion atelier called Maison Royale. She likes acting as her mother's model for her creations, she also loves swimming. She has two pets: Aquamarine an exotic fish who she named after she saw the film of the same name and Jewel a cute grey cat with blue eyes. She loves swimming and feel like a mermaid when she's in the water, she always feel that water is her friend and that she can trust it. She likes flower arranging, swimming, Julia Winter and shaved ice, she never knew about her power until she went to the institute. Coindencially, her who loves swimming has the power to manipulate water and also ice. She dreams of being a perfume creator and want to follow her mother's path on fashion and open her own atelier.


Asami is cheerful and cute, she is really childish sometimes but can be very mature. She is extremely smart and serious and take her work seriously, like Rose she loves fashion and wants her own atelier.

When she's practicing, she's serious and is really focusing on how to master her powers but is a cute and smiling girl under her serious nature.


Main article: Asami Ochitsu/Outfits

Asami has a beige skin, she has blue eyes and a wavy dark brown hair with a blue ombre.

She wears her school's uniform: a white chemise, a sleeveless white and light blue checked pullover, a navy blue blazer with the school blason, a navy blue and light blue checked pleated skirt with a maroon belt and white socks and blue loafers.

Her casual outfit consist of a light blue and white striped shirt, a navy blue mini-skirt, black stockings and navy blue high heels, she wears a cerulean trench coat when she's outside. She casually wears a gold necklace and a gold crown with a little blue gem. She usually wears different shades of blue.



Asami can manipulate water at her will, she can shape it like she want (like creatint a snake or knives out of water), she can generate walls and pillars out of water.

Hydrokinetic ConstructsEdit

With this power Asami can create weapons made out of water, she can also create clones, animals, or even fortifications out of waters. She can also create shields out of water and armors if she wants.

Hydrokinetic Blade ConstructsEdit

With this power, Asami can create and generate swords out of water and target it at her opponent and can also create spears and target it at her enemy.

Cryokinetic ConstructsEdit

Asami can create animals, objects, weapons and fortifications out of ice, she can generate water and freeze it to create something such as a shield or a weapon.


Asami can generate and manipulate water at her will and can shape into what she wants, she can freeze everything and everything with this power.

Ice EmprisonementEdit

With this power Asami can emprison her opponents in a cage of ice or freeze their legs who makes them unable to move.

Water EmprisonementEdit

With this power Asami can emprison her opponents in a cage of water and can also freeze the cage of water to make the oppononent more unable to move.

Aquatic AdaptationEdit

With this power, Asami can breathe and survive in the water, they can also resist to the pressure of water, she is also immunized to cold, she also has enhenced senses in water.

Water Bullet ProjectionEdit

With this power Asami can project water bullet out of water and target it at her opponent.


Like her bestfriend Rose, she loves watching The Secret Investigations of Julia Winter.

She loves swimming and won lots of swimming competitions and claims that she can trust water, she never knew it but she is a user of Aquatic Adaptation since she's a child.

She likes pets such as fishes and cat, like Aquamarine her exotic fish and Jewel her cat.

She also is a fan of shaved ice, she eats it a lot and sometimes do shaved ice with her little brother.


Rose MichikawaEdit

Her bestfriend since childhood, as said by Asami she and Rose, are like sisters, they share lots of common points and mostly their favorite series.

They are very close to each others and and they agree on everything, they have the same tastes and specifically in fashion (except the fact that they don't wear the same clothes).

Seo NariEdit

She becamed a good friend of Nari and she likes going outside with her and Rose, she act as their mentor and teaches them. Nari is beautiful, smart and a good teacher as described by Asami.

Asami is impressed by her dancing and is also impressed by how easy she manipulates her powers, she likes going outside with her and they share lots of common points in books.

Kiyoshi AndersonEdit

She has a good relationship with Kiyoshi who also act her and Rose's mentor, she supports Kiyoshi to confess to Rose.

She likes him and wants him to be happy with Rose, they both like navy like clothes and both likes every shades of blue and also share an affection for ice cream. She really is into Kiyoshi and Rose's relation and want them to be the happiest couple.

Kazuki NishinoEdit

Asami has an huge crush on him, when Kazuki changed his personality due to him having a crush on him, she didn't understand why he changed that much.

At first, she loved his rebel personality, she loved how he acted badly but when he changed to be better for her, she was flattered when Kiyoshi said that he want to suit her. When they both confessed to each others, Kazuki is the one who kissed her and they are know a happy couple.


  • Rose and Asami have both deadly powers (fire being malevolent and dangerous and water being the source of inundations or typhoons), and are polar opposite to that point:
    • Rose's color is red (for fire) while Asami's blue (for water and ice).
    • Rose wears warm colored clothes and wear more "exotic" clothes while Asami wears more navy clothing.
    • If they combine both of their powers, it can be deadly because fire, water and ice can be the result of destruction.
    • Their power combined can also create Atmokinesis, the power to manipulate weather.
  • Asami with her uniform wear all shades of blue.
    • Rose ,her, wear all shades of red and black.

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