Arcana Major
('Arukana Mejā')
StudioTV Asahi
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMarch 2, 2016
Opening SongFortune ☆ Star
Ending SongTell Me! Magic Crystal


Tomi is a girl passioned by tarot, she loves fortune telling and like predicting things to her friends, they say that everything she predicts truly happens. Since her birth she has a pendant in the form of a blue magic circle with an five pointed star with the libra zodiac sign. She keep it with her all the time until a weird magician because it has powers wanted to steal it, a boy appeared and saved her, he said that she possesses special powers and that she has to learn how to use them to get rid rpeople. These people are known as the Major an evil organization that possesses dangerous powers, Tomi didn't believed it until she found her card: the card of The Priestess and transformed. She met other people that owns cards and her mentor Yume, told her how to use her powers. She has the power to get rid of the Major and to free people from their control.



  • Color: Blue
  • Element: Air

Tomi is a cheerful, bubbly, air-headed and smiling girl, she's also the powerfulest of the Arcana being the priestress. She possesses strong magic that she wasn't aware of, her pendant is important to her because her mother gave her it at her birth. Her mother loves and take care of her alone, she tries to do everything to help her mother such as selling jewels she creates herself to get some money. She loves doing sparkling jewels with stars, pearls, hearts and such, she also add them to her clothes and wear them all the time. She's at the Sayuki Academy, she likes customizing her seifuku with her jewels and offers them to her classmates. When Yume was transfered at the school, she becamed Tomi's bestfriend, they shares lots of common points and likes laughing with each other. Tomi has a big crush on Daisuke, the boy who saved her, Yume knows it and pushes her to tell him but she's too shy to talk to him. She learns her magic lessons seriously and really want to stop the Major's evil deeds. Tomi is a happy girl and want to see an happy world where everyone smiles.

  • Color: Green
  • Element: Lightning

Yume is a smart, kind and confident girl, she knows a lot about magic and teaches Tomi how to use her powers, she becamed her best friend when they started spending time together. Yume is aware of Tomi's feelings for Daisuke, Tomi knows that Minoru is in love with Yume and they want both of them to be happy. She is good at physics and chemistry, she likes reading and often wears glasses, she sometime uses her acknowledge when she battles. She likes Tomi's jewels and when she added it on her uniform, she really is happy to have found her bestfriend and like spending time with her. Yume is extremely serious about magic, and teaches Tomi strictly and want her to be focused on her magic lessons.

  • Color: Grey
  • Element: Ice

Daisuke is the boy who saved Tomi, he isn't aware that Tomi has a crush on him, he knows a lot about magic and teaches Tomi with Yume. His bestfriend Minoru, also possesses a card, they know each other since kindergarten. He is a fair person and is very caring, being the owner of Judgement he is a person that cares a lot for Justice. He is good at sports and foreign languages, he likes cooking and is very helpful, he want to study the laws and to become a lawyer. His card spirit said that it is what given him the card of the Judgement. He start having a little crush on Tomi but dont want to recognize it, Minoru always teases him about that. He is a very confident person and will do everything to protect everyone he loves, Daisuke is a good person that hopes for the happiness of everyone. He like spending time with Minoru, Yume and Tomi and the more he spend time with her, the more he fells in love with her.

  • Color: Cyan
  • Element: Water

Minoru is Daisuke's bestfriend, he is very comprehensive person, he like helping people and like listening to them to help them with their problems. He wants to be a psychologist, his friends claims that he is caring person who's goal is to help people. He is also an extremely skilled fighter because he is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, after Tomi, he is the second powerfulest as magic. Minoru's family owns The Moon card since decades and the power of this card were given to him at his birth, he trains on his magic since he is a child making him the strongest equally with Tomi. His family is the owner of a shrine, his mother is the priestress and his father sells magic charm whose effects are known to be super effective. Minoru is Yume's child bestfriend and has a big crush on her, everytime he is with or close to her, he starts acting awkwardly and stutters.

  • Color: Pink
  • Element: Earth

Harumi is passioned by gardening, she loves nature and is the owner of The World card, she has a special affinity with plants and can communicate with them. She's a very kind girl and is very sociable, she becamed a good friend of Tomi and Yume. She's good at baking and love doing cookies and cakes, her favorite cake is the shortcake, she's a "good friend of nature" and is the Gardening Club's president and of the Eco-Friendly Club. Harumi loves spring, festivals, fireworks.....she loves everything except darkness, she is afraid of that. She has a special affinkty with nature and can command it at her will, she loves making friends and also like playing with animals. Harumi doesn't want the world to be plunged into darkness and want to fulfill the world with light. She is very shy but is always seen with a smile on her face at class she's always hiding under a book, afraid of being chosen to answer a question by the professor.


  • Color: Red
  • Element: Fire

Kimiko is the owner of Major, she owns her card since her childhood and was risen to be evil by mysterious people who are the true owner of Major. She possesses a beauty that makes people worship her just like an empress, she owns the power of fire but use it for evil. With her powerful assistant who follows her everywhere, she want to install a tyrannical world wich she would be the ruler, she uses her beauty to lure and manipulate mens. She's cold-hearted, ruthless and merciless, she likes torturing men psychologically and her assistant is afraid of her. She has shown that she can be kind and good but is in conflict due to her to be mindly controlled by it.

  • Color: Dark Green
  • Element: Acid

The assistant of Kimiko, he is in love with her but she doesn't care much for him, she chose him because of his card, because of his powers. He knows that but it doesn't matter to him, he loves her and know that she has a good side. Hideo hate the "it", the thing that controls Kimiko, he want to destroy it and to free her so she can realize his feelings for her. It happens that he helps the heroes but in secret because he want to save Kimiko and Tomi who admires him because he want to protect the person he loves. He wouldn't give up until he destroyed the "it".

The Shadow Spirit is a non-human being that controls the mind of every living thing, it controls Kimiko and is locked on a giant crystal ball. In reality its in the form of a bat like purple shadow with yellow glow eyes. It is extremely powerful and has powers beyond what is humanly possible and has an intelligence that nobody can beyond.


Arcana CityEdit

The city where they live, located in Japan, a part of thr city is controlled by Major who products lot of the city's industrial products.

Arcana City SchoolEdit

The city's main school, its a big luxurious school who's is known to be extremely strict, they want the students to study seriously and to left nothing in their education.


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