Aonoken Ayame (青の剣 菖蒲 Aonoken Ayame?) is the protagonist of Magic Knight Iris. An upbeat girl, with a strong sense of morals, she'll stick up for just about anyone. She can be rather clumsy, but never let's her bother in the slightest. At age sixteen, she is a first year at Hana no Yume Academy. Since a child, she has trained in swordfighting. With her ancestor's sacred sword (which she deguises as a necklace), she turns into the Magic Knight Iris.


Ayame stands at 5'6" feet, with long, straight dark blue hair pale green eyes.

She is usually seen the Hana no Yume Academy high school uniform. It consits of a white button up shirt with a small black bow,  a pale blue blazer, a dark blue skirt, black stockings and dark brown shoes.

Her casual wear consits of a royal blue tank top, an oversized black and white flannel she leaves open, dark blue jeans and brown ankle boots. She wears the Sacred Sword as a necklace.

When practicing her swordmanship, she wears a blue and white miko robes.


An upbeat girl, with a strong sense of morals, she'll stick up for just about anyone. She can be rather clumsy, but never let's her bother in the slightest. She is determined, optimistic, and outgoing, easily making friends with others. Her determination, hidden grace, and loyalty, gains the attention of many boys in her school. She can be considered rather old fashioned as her upbringing was in a shrine.



  • Iris - As Iris' descendant, they have a good relationship, and Ayame is often cheering her up, as Iris blames herself about what's happened.
  • Saika - Ayame loves Saika greatly. Even if she's supposed to see her as a mentor, Ayame still plays with her with things like yarn and laser pointers.
  • Rosabell - Even though she doesn't know much about Rosabell, she knows that there has to be some good still inside her. Instead of sealing Rosabell away again, she plans on saving her.
  • Morimoto Ren - Ren is the only person who knows that Ayame is Iris. They have a good relationship.

Magic Knight IrisEdit


As Magic Knight Iris, she looks more lke her descendant. Long light blue hair and yellow eyes. She wears a white sleeves top with a collar, a light blue bow, silver armor on her chest, arms and hands, a long white skirt and silver boots. Around her waist is the sacred sword.

To turn into Iris she holds the sword by the necklace's chain and saying:  "Oh sword, blessed by angels, show me your true appearance, let me control your power. Holy Sword!"


As Ayame, she can turn the Sacred Sword into a full sword. She can fight with it like a regular sword, but can't use any of her finishers.



  • Angel's Shield - Her main defense. She draws energy and then draws a circle. Any attack that comes near it is deflected.

Etymology Edit

Aonoken (青の剣): Ao (青) translate to blue, No (の) translate to of, but is only used for the sound of the name and Ken (剣) translates to sword

Ayame (菖蒲): Ayame 菖蒲) translates to iris.


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