Another Ultraman
Japanese title もう一つのウルトラマン
Episode Information
Episode no. 4
Directed by Toshihiro Iijima
Languages Japanese
Duration 24 Minutes
Studio AIC+
Distributor Tsuburaya Productions
Episode Navigation
Fly! Musashi
The Fallen Robot
Another Ultraman is the 4th Episode of Ultraman Cosmos: THE ANIMATION. The Episode features the first appearance of Ultraman Justice.



Characters AppearingEdit

  • Team EYES
    • Musashi Haruno
    • Harumitsu Hiura
    • Mizuki Shinbou
    • Keisuke Fubuki
    • Koji Doigaki
    • Ayano Morimoto
  • Ultras
    • Ultraman Cosmos
      • Luna Mode
      • Corona Mode
    • Ultraman Justice
      • Standard Mode
  • Kaiju
    • ???


  • This Episode is the first original Episode, which had no connection to the original series.

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