Anna's Big Beginning
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Episode no. 1
Airdate April 12, 2014
Languages English
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Episode 2: Mixing With Magic
 Anna's Big Beginning is the first episode of Anna's Adventures, which aired on April 12, 2014. 


Anna has always wanted to become a magical girl, because her sister, Sky, was once a magical girl herself. One day, she finds a magical bracelet. Upon putting it on, she recieves a magic wand that is similar to what a magical girl might have. With the guidance of her new fairy mentor, she learns how to use the wand properly, but is unaware that .


Part 1: The Original Magical Girl of Laputa IslandEdit

The episode begins in a flashback. A purple-haired girl named Skylar walks through the Crystal Fields of Laputa Island. She presses a button on her wristband, summoning a magic wand. She raises the wand above her head, which summons a heart-shaped crystal. She places it in the center of the Crystal Dome, and as the crystals on the dome shine, Sky says that it now has access for people to enter it now that it's complete. She then jumps onto the center of the field and declares that with the power of the Lucky Love Wand, she will always protect the people of different worlds.

Little does she know that no one is watching, except for one person: Her little sister, Annabeth. As Anna watches, she is very amazed, and she whispers to herself that Sky is cool and she wishes that she could be like her someday. Then, the opening is played and the first part of the episode is complete.

Part 2: Anna's Magical DesiresEdit

In the present, twelve-year-old Anna is in her room, putting up posters. The posters have pictures for different magical girls on them. Anna is a big fan of magical girls, and she wishes that she was a magical girl, too. She thinks to herself that it would be cool to have magical powers, fight evil monsters and keep the world safe from harm. As she looks at a picture of her sister, she says that Sky used to be a magical girl herself, which she thinks is cool. Anna is curious to know if Sky still has some of her powers. 

As Anna enters Sky's room, she finds a jewelry box on top of Sky's dresser. She opens it to see what's inside. She looks at the pretty jewelry that is stored in the box, and wonders if one of them gave Sky magic powers. Suddenly, she sees something shiny at the bottom of the box. She pulls it out, and it is revealed that the shiny object is a bracelet. She begins to wonder if the bracelet is magical, so she puts it on and decides to try it out. Suddenly, the bracelet starts to glow and a fragment of glowing light comes out of it and becomes a figure. The figure is actually revealed to be a fairy. The fairy explains that her name is Daytona, and she is the possessor of the Power Mix Bracelet, which bestows great power to anyone who wears it. Anna is surprised that the bracelet she put on was magical and came with its own fairy. Daytona tells Anna that the bracelet contains a magical wand.

Anna asks Daytona how she can summon the wand, and Daytona tells her that she needs to spin the bracelet in order to make the wand appear. Anna does so, and as she spins the bracelet, it starts to glow, and as it stops glowing, a wand appears in Anna's hand. 

Anna is amazed that she summoned an actual magic wand, and Daytona informs her that the wand is no ordinary magic wand: It is the Magical Mix Wand. Daytona explains that the Magical Mix Wand was the only magic wand that Sky didn't use when she fought evil forces as a magical girl, and since the wand was unused, Anna is now in possession of it. Anna is impressed, but she doesn't know what to do with the wand. Daytona reassures Anna that she'll need some practice with the wand. Anna asks how, and Daytona says that she'll help her train. Anna takes Daytona's word for it. 

As Anna walks out of the room, holding the Magical Mix Wand, a sinister figure watches her from a surveillance camera and reports to his master, the evil Roberto Futurelli, who wants to steal the Magical Mix wand to conquer Earth with his team, The Vulture Cops. Knowing that the green-haired girl is the younger sister of their former enemy, he prepares his men to strike...

Back in Laputa Island, Daytona teaches Anna how to use the Magical Mix Wand properly. Anna learns how to summon a few spells, and sure enough, she gets the hang of it. Daytona also teaches Anna how to summon a few counter-attacks when an enemy strikes. 

Part 3: Anna's First BattleEdit



  • Most of the minor and supporting characters do not appear until the following episode, likely due to the story's introduction and flashbacks.
  • It is revealed that each episode is split into three parts, to make telling the story a bit easier.

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