Anna's Adventures
TV Series information
Airdate April 2014-present
Languages English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Korean
Opening Theme Hey Anna by Owl City
Closing Theme Old Pirate by Velours Perfect
Studio Saban Brands
Distributor Saban Brands

Toei Animation

Original Channel Netflix, Nickelodeon
Original Run 2014-present

Anna's Adventures is a magical girl series created by Jenny Williams (JessicaFin23)


Annabeth Scott, a young girl from a magical island floating in the sky, learns that her sister, Skylar, was once a magical girl, and wishes that she would become a magical girl someday. One day, she finds a colorful bracelet in her sister's prized jewelry box. This bracelet was one that Sky never wore before. As Anna puts it on, she finds out that the bracelet is magical, but she doesn't know what to do with it. A pixie named Daytona, who appears from the magical bracelet, tells Anna that in order to experience the magic like she always wanted to, she needs to spin the bracelet to summon her weapon. Anna does so, and before she knows it, she has summoned a magic wand called the Magical Mix Wand. Anna realizes that her dream has come true and that she's a magical girl. Anna is very enthusiastic and cannot wait to have great adventures as a magical girl. Anna now keeps the bracelet dear to her, and has wacky adventures, both in her daily life and her magical girl life. Whenever Anna needs her Magical Mix Wand, she just spins her bracelet to summon it. But little does she know that one girl can hold so much power…



Anna Scott  - The titular protagonist of the series. Anna is an optimistic, amicable, outgoing, and carefree girl with a happy-go-lucky attitude that is appreciated by many of the residents of Laputa Island one way or another. Anna is also very kindhearted and compassionate. She is friendly toward almost everyone she meets, rarely holds grudges, and is very non-discriminatory, never treating anyone with prejudice. She wants to be a great hero like the magical girls that she looks up to.


The antagonist group, the Vulture Cops, are four human-like aliens who have heard about Anna's magical abilities. They want to steal the Power Mix Bracelet and the Magical Mix Wand and use their powers to take over the universe.


Cody Basco -  A shy, quiet, nerdy boy whom Anna has a crush on.

Stacey Sullivan - One of Anna's best friends.

Daytona - Anna's fairy mentor who helps her train to become a true magical girl.


Power Mix Bracelet - Anna's magical bracelet. Anna spins the bracelet to summon her Magical Mix Wand.

Magical Mix Wand - Anna's magic wand. It has lots of different powers, which Anna can use to attack her enemies.


Laputa Island - A magical island that floats in the sky, where Anna lives.


Episode 1: Anna's Big Beginning

Released:  April 12, 2014

Anna has always wanted to become a magical girl, because her sister, Sky, was once a magical girl herself. One day, she finds a magical bracelet. Upon putting it on, she experiences the magic like she's always wanted to.

Episode 2: Mixing With Magic

Released: April 15, 2014

Anna begins learning the basics of using the Magical Mix Wand properly.

Episode 3: Match Maker

Released: April 17, 2014

Anna has a crush on a nerdy boy named Cody, and tries to win her heart over him using magic.

Episode 4: School Spirit

Released: April 20, 2014

Episode 5: When Aliens Attack!

Released: April 23, 2014

The Vulture Cops are finally catching onto Anna's gimmicks. Thus, Anna must stop them from stealing both the Power Mix Bracelet and the Magical Mix Wand.

Episode 6: Your Quest

Released: April 26, 2014

Episode 7: Serious Business

Released: April 29, 2014

Episode 8: Daytona's Secret

Released: April 31, 2015 Anna learns about Daytona's past, and how she was chosen to operate the Power Mix Bracelet and the Magical Mix Wand.

Episode 9: Beach Party

Released: May 2, 2014

Episode 10: Fair Trade

Released: May 5, 2014

Episode 11: Just Joking Around

Released: May 8, 2014

Episode 12: Monster Jam

Released: May 11, 2014

Anna accidentally unleashes a monster and attempts to tame its wild, violent instincts.

Episode 13: Race Around Laputa Island

Released: May 14, 2014

Episode 14: The Magical Test

Released: May 16, 2014

Episode 15: Machine Madness

Released: May 19, 2014

Episode 16: Read It And Weep

Released: May 21, 2014

Episode 17: Story for Anna

Released: May 24, 2014

Sky tells Anna the full story on how she became a magical girl.

Episode 18: Power Up!

Released: May 27, 2014

Anna powers up for the first time.

Episode 19: Return of The Vulture Cops

Released: May 30, 2014

The Vulture Cops return, and Anna must put together everything that she has learned to fight them.

Episode 20: Go, Anna!

Released: June 5, 2014

Episode 21: Stormy Weather

Released: June 8, 2014

Episode 22: The Impostor

Released: June 13, 2014

Episode 23: Pixel Panic!

Released: June 16, 2014

Episode 24: Partners in Crime

Released: June 19, 2014

Episode 25: Anna's Ally

Released: June 23, 2014

Episode 26: An Unexpected Find

Released: June 26, 2014

Episode 27: Trouble in Store

Released: June 29, 2014

Episode 28: Seeing is Believing

Released: July 3, 2014

Episode 29: The Mysterious Painting

Released: July 6, 2014

Episode 30: Anna's Rival

Released: July 9, 2014

Episode 31: Power Ploy

Released: July 13, 2014

Episode 32: Anna and Corey's Big Fight

Released: July 16, 2014

Episode 33: The Cave

Released: July 19, 2014

Episode 34: A Fair to Remember

Released: July 23, 2014

Episode 35: Nothing to Report

Released: July 26, 2014

Episode 36: The New Rival

Released: July 29, 2014

Episode 37: Practice Makes Perfect

Released: August 2, 2014

Episode 38: No Way Out

Released: August 6, 2014

Episode 40: Double Take

Released: August 9, 2014

Episode 41: The Race

Released: August 12, 2014

Episode 42: Ice Breakers

Released: August 15, 2014

Episode 43: The Show Must Go On

Released: August 18, 2014

Episode 44: A Strange Intermission

Released: August 21, 2014

Episode 45: Friend or Faux

Released: August 25, 2014

Episode 46: The Sweetest Thing

Released: August 28, 2014

Episode 47: Game On

Released: August 31, 2014

Episode 48: Gone Bowlin'

Released: September 4, 2014

Episode 49: The Great Skate Mistake

Released: September 7, 2014

Episode 50: Lights! Camera! Anna!

Released: September 10, 2014

Episode 51: Unlocking the Key

Released: September 13, 2014

Episode 52: Trouble at the Park

Released: September 16, 2014

Episode 53: Running Out of Time

Released: September 19, 2014

Episode 54: Anna in Wonderland

Released: September 23, 2014

Episode 55: Double Trouble

Released: September 26, 2014

Episode 56: Anna's Strange Fortune

Released: September 29, 2014

Episode 57: Slippery Slope

Released: October 1, 2014

Episode 58: Terrible Things

Released: October 5, 2014

Episode 59: The Party

Released: October 9, 2014

Episode 60: Magic Showdown

Released: October 12, 2014

Episode 61: Dummy for Love

Released: October 15, 2014

Episode 62: The Great Mistake

Released: October 18, 2014

Episode 63: Suspicious Minds

Released: October 21, 2014

Episode 64: Anna's Pen Pal

Released: October 24, 2014

Episode 65: Jealousy

Released: October 27, 2014

Episode 66: Double Time

Released: October 30, 2014

Episode 67: The Competition

Released: November 2, 2014

Episode 68: Picture Perfect

Released: November 5, 2014

Episode 69: Paint Story

Released: November 8, 2014

Episode 70: Anna on Wheels

Released: November 11, 2014

Episode 71: Fetch

Released: November 14, 2014

Episode 72: Wand to Wand

Released: November 17, 2014

Episode 73: Anna's Idol

Released: November 20, 2014

Episode 74: Camping Trip

Released: November 23, 2014

Episode 75: On the Job

Released: November 26, 2014

Episode 76: By the Book

Released: November 29, 2014

Episode 77: New Trickster in Town

Released: December 3, 2014

Episode 78: Adventures in Babysitting

Released: December 6, 2014

Episode 79: Dream Date

Released: December 9, 2014

Episode 80: Citizen Anna

Released: December 12, 2014

Episode 81: Anna's Day Off

Released: December 15, 2014

Episode 82: The Color of Happiness

Released: December 18, 2014

Episode 83: What Have You Done, Anna?

Released: December 21, 2014

Episode 84: Power Crystals

Released: December 26, 2014

Episode 85: The Sunshine Guardian

Released: December 29, 2014

Episode 86: Frenemies

Released: January 2, 2015

Episode 87: Inside the Wand

Released: January 5, 2015

Episode 88: Girls' Day Out

Released: January 8, 2015



Initial response to the series was met with positive feedback.




Staff and CastEdit







  • Alyson Stoner as Anna Scott
  • Amanda Leighton as Sky Scott
  • tba as Clarence Scott
  • tba as Cody Basco
  • tba as Stacey Sullivan

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