Ami Misuto (編み Braided Mist) is the main character of Senki Zessho Symphogear YGX. She was found suddenly in the laboratory, and can wield Mjölnir.

History Edit

Being worked on.

Emytology Edit

Ami (編み ) means Braided.

Misuto (ミスト) means Mist.

Personality Edit

Ami is curious and kind, always saying that there is a 'brighter side to things'. She believes Tsubasa to be the 'person she's looking for', and is always close to her. She is also fond of Hibiki and Shirabe.

Appearance Edit

Ami bears a striking resemblance to Kanande Amou. She has fluffy orange hair, deep yellow eyes, and says a lot of things she says.

Ami's first outfit was a lab coat, with the name 'Patient A.M.I.', the english letters of her name. Her hair is braided.

Her everyday wear is a shirt with wings on it and jean shorts. Her hair is down.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Activation Song Edit


Ami has the ability to wield Symphogear without LiNKER.

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