Akiko Yoshii (吉井秋子 Yoshii Akiko) is a supporting character in the Baka and Test series and is introduced in the third season. She is Class 3-B's Ambassadress and is Akihisa's cousin who looks exactly like he does cross-dressing but is a lot smarter.

Appearance Edit


Akiko Yoshii

Akiko is without a doubt adorable. She shares very similar features to Akihisa, except her pupils are larger, she has a medium sized bust and her hair reaches her upper back. She wears the girls' school uniform with black thigh high socks and white shoes and wears a black headband with a small bow in her hair. Her casual wear is usually a red shirt with white overalls and light blue ribbon in her hair. She wears a red bikini and white sunglasses when she's at the beach or a pool area

In Season 3 Episode 9, She wears a yukata. She also cuts her hair to shoulder length and arranges her bangs to the side. At that moment she looked exactly like Akihisa when him and the boys were forced to cross-dress into beauty pa-chant.

In Season 3 Episode 4, She an the other girls wear maid outfits and again she looked like Akihisa when he cross-dressed at the School festival.

In Season 4, her hair grows out to the way it was previously and she now wears white legwarmers over her socks. She is sometimes seen wearing costumes since she joins the Drama Club this season.

She normally has a cheerful expression on, if not irritated.

Personality Edit

Akiko shares similar character traits to Akihisa. She is kind, caring and very respectful to others.

Background Edit

Akiko lived in Osaka but moved to Tokyo afterwards. Akihisa and his family often came to visit her family and her and Akihisa would play together. Akihisa helped and protected her a lot when they were children and grow up respecting him for that.

She went to the same elementary and middle school as Hinata Tsuchiya and they've been best friends since.

Sometime before the third season, Akiko met Miko Hatsune and helped her hide form a crowd of crazed fans. Being a big fan of Miku, she's never missed a concert.

Story Edit

Season 3 Edit

Akiko is introduced in Baka and Test 3

In Episode 1, where as her class's ambassadress, declares war on Class 3-F were she is mistook for Akihisa cross-dressed but immediately corrects them saying that she is his cousin and female doppelganger and soon realizes he is in that class.

-Commie- Baka to Test to Shokanju Ni - 02 -AEED8FF4-.mkv snapshot 11.21 -2011.07.15 18.40.04-

Akiko with short hair and a yukata sighing after being mistaken for Akihisa cross-dressing again.

She immediately runs to Akihisa and hugs him, placing a kiss on his cheek much to Minami and Mizuki's annoyance and FFF Inquisition's fury. After she talks a bit about herself and her relationship with Akihisa she warns the F students that the B students will do whatever to get their teenage assistant teacher, Kokoa Yue. With that she leaves. She is later seen with the Class Representative, Yuka defeating all the class F students easily. After going head to head with Minami in Math and defeats her; she threatens her to not hurt Akihisa before heading towards their classroom. There, she meets up with Kouta and Hideyoshi who she easily defeats as well, much to their surprise to how strong she was. She makes her way towards Yuuji and Akihisa where she confronts them and reveals that she really just wanted an excuse to battle against Akihisa. After Akihisa accepts, she doesn't hold back and compliments his avatar's skill and agility. When Mizuki arrives she tell her to stay back and not get involved with Akihisa agreeing. when she defeats him, she challenges Mizuki in English and they are evenly scored. She then starts questioning why Mizuki was in class when clearly she was an A student with Mizuki replying that her that Class F is where she belongs. At the last moment, Kokoa appears with her avatar and defeats Yuka leading to Class F's victory.

Later on in Episode 3, Akiko visits Akihisa and Akira and catches up with them. She helps Akira around the house and Akihisa with his homework. She then asks Akihisa about Minami and Mizuki and how he felt about them with Akihisa replying that they're both very important in his life and he wouldn't be the same person without them. She later walks to school with him and they remember the fun the had as children. When they arrive at school there is a commotion about a musical idol going to their school. - 100974 sample

Akiko in a Maid's Uniform

Knowing who this person is, Akiko tells Akihisa that a student and friend of hers in her class that is the famous Vocaloid idol, Miku Hatsune in Episode 4. She, Akihisa, Aiko and Kokoa help Miku to hide from the students after Akihisa accidentally reveals it to everyone. After everyone calms down about Miku's fame, Akiko walks home with Akihisa again but this time asks how he feels about her with Akihisa replying that he cares about her deeply and that she's like the sister (who doesn't walk around half naked) he never had, making her laugh. She then tells him that she'll find him the perfect wife, someone whose cares about him as much as she does maybe even more.

She is seen in Episode 6, with the other year 3 girls and Hideyoshi wearing Maid Uniforms to attract the boys where she resembles Akihisa cross-dressing in the School festival much to her chagrin. She manages to appeal Kubo (because of her resemblance to Akihisa) and several boys, though she kicks Kouta for trying too see up her skirt.

In Episode 7, she helps Aiko get ready for her date with Kouta along with Yuko, Shouko, Minami, Mizuki, Miku and Kokoa

In Episode 9, she and Hinata Tsuchiya, Kouta's younger sister who's a first year, spend time with Kouta and Akihisa with the four of them getting into ridiculous antics throughout the day. Hinata and her make dinner for the boys and tells them they love them just the way they are and that they look up to them.

In Episode 10, She is then seen with Miku, Minami and Mizuki at the pool splashing around. They play Marco Polo in the pool with the boys and Akihisa accidentally pooling of her bikini top and causing Kouta a nosebleed which she tries to drown him for. She then tells everyone that since they are related she wasn't really bothered though others were having different thoughts.

In Episode 11, She then attends a festival with the rest of the school where she cut her hair and wears a yukata resembling Akihisa cross-dressing much to her chagrin again, she then begins to question Akihisa's decisions in life.

She is then seen during a Summoner Test that Kokoa designed to see if Class F was worthy of her teaching them in Episode 12.

In Episode 13, after they completed the test, she runs and hugs Akihisa and congratulates and the others for working so hard and kisses Akihisa on the cheek much to Minami and Mizuki's chagrin.

Season 4 Edit

In Baka and Test 4 She now appears in every episode and has joined the Drama Club!

She first appears to be heading towards Akihisa's house in Episode 1, and finds out his parents have come to visit him. She spends sometime with them and catches up with them. Later when Akihisa's friends come over to his house out of suspicion, she and Akihisa make dinner with Mr. Yoshii. She is later seen walking home with the rest of the gang.

In Episode 2, they get back to school later and she has now joined the Drama Club and is seen practicing a part with Hideyoshi.

In Episode 3, she is seen helping Kokoa with one of her inventions and is retrieving parts for her.

In Episode 4, she along with the other girls try to stop Akihisa, Hideyoshi, Yuuji and Kouta after they were turned into their opposites. When Kokoa defeats the intelligent Akihisa and turns them all back to normal with a reverse gun, she hugs Akihisa and scolds the girls for messing around with Kokoa's invention.

In Episode 5, she helps to distract Kouta when Akihisa and the others break his favorite camera, when he finds out later from Miku, she warns the F students that he's coming and he's angry. After Kouta forgives them she sighs, turns to the screen and says "This is how enemies are made kids" breaking the fourth wall to which Hideyoshi scolds her for.

In Episode 6, she

In Episode 7,

Summoned Being Edit

Akiko's summoned being sports a traditional Chinese dress and her weapons are blade fans. She is very fast and flexible and is evenly matched to Mizuki's avatar. Akiko's best subject is English and because of that she never loses when fighting in that subject.

Relationships Edit

Akiko has a decent amount of relationships with a lot of people in and outside of school.

Akihisa Yoshii Edit

Akiko is closest to Akihisa and he is her favorite cousin.

Maxresdefault (1)

Akihisa Yoshii

When they were children the played games together and Akihisa always protected her. Even though he does idiotic things, she has never once pointed it out or called him an idiot all because she loves and respects him. She believes his idiocy comes from people not believing or encouraging him enough. She scolds anyone and everyone who picks on him and defends him. She is very attached to Akihisa and spends time with him whenever she gets the chance. She is also on a quest to find Akihisa a suitable women who will love him for who is and will not bring him down or hurt him; someone like her. This alone is why she transferred to Fumizuki Academy, to be with him and repay him back for all the times he helped her out.

Hinata Tsuchiya Edit

Akiko and Hinata are best friends without a doubt. Going to the same junior high school, they grew closer over time. She and Hinata spend most of their time together and call each other everyday. They also look up to the respective older relatives (Akihisa and Kouta) even though most people don't. Despite this, Akiko detests Kouta because of his perverted actions but Hinata has nothing against Akihisa but thinks he's an idiot like everyone else. Akiko and Hinata never fight and are always defending one another just like Akihisa and Kouta are with each other.

Miku Hatsune Edit

Miku is Akiko second best friend and classmate. They met in their third year and have been keeping the secret of Miku's celebrity life since, until it was leaked out. Akiko and Miku have a partner-to-partner bond and are always helping each other out. Akiko had never missed any of Miku's concerts and Miku had seen her in every single one. Miku was also able to live somewhat of a normal life because of Akiko and is very grateful to her.

Aiko Kudou Edit

Akiko and Aiko get along very well. When Akiko is with Aiko then tend to get into a lot of mischief and trouble, though because of their skills no one ever catches them accept for Kouta. They also have their own secret way of communicating with their eyebrows which no one else understands. Though their in different classes Akiko and Aiko have been seen together a lot along with Kokoa and Miku

Minami Shimada and Mizuki Himeji Edit

Akiko has neutral feelings towards Minami and Mizuki. She knows that they like Akihisa but she hates they way they treat and talk to him. She disapproves either of them being with and always comes between them and Akihisa. Despite this, she still hangs out with them and talks to them but is always watching them and their actions. She is evenly matched with Mizuki in most of the subjects and can easily beat Minami without trying. In the fourth season though she warms up to them more but still disapproves either of them being with Akihisa.

Hazuki Shimada Edit

Akiko and Hazuki are very close. Akiko enjoys playing with Hazuki and is very immature when she's around her. She knows Hazuki likes Akihisa and approves it. She says that Hazuki will be perfect for Akihisa because she is sweet and doesn't hurt him. Whenever Akiko is with Hazuki she gives her advice on how to appeal to Akihisa.

Kouta Tsuchiya Edit

Akiko and Kouta's relationship is very complicated. She doesn't hate Kouta but hates his action's and Kouta doesn't like her but likes what she wears. When Akiko finds Kouta peeking under her skirt or taking pictures of her she kicks him or whacks him on the head. Despite this, they still hang out along with the others. Her and Kouta relationship doesn't change her and Hinata relationship the slightest.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita Edit

Akiko and Hideyoshi are in the Drama Club together. She joined it when they were looking for new members. They practice parts together and when seen together they are wearing costumes. They get along very well especially since she's one of the few people who know that he's a guy which pleases him.

Akira Yoshii Edit

Akiko looks up to Akira but not much as she does to Akihisa. She wants to beautiful and smart like her but detests her sexual acts towards Akihisa. She normally helps Akira around the house when she comes over and gives her cooking lessons even though the end miserably

Kokoa Yue Edit

Akiko and Kokoa are on good terms with each other. She is fascinated by Kokoa technical skills and intelligence. She helps Kokoa with her works sometimes and even gets parts for inventions. They both disapprove of Minami and Mizuki being with Akihisa though Kokoa's is less hostile towards the idea.

Abilities Edit

Akiko is very intelligent and athletic. She is trained in Karate, Jujitsu and Fan Fighting. She also has very powerful kicks that can break through a brick wall. When angered, her abilities increase.

She is also a talented cook and actress. She is also able to manipulate people with her cuteness, allowing her to get whatever she asks for, though this doesn't work on Kokoa or Hinata. She is also good at ice and roller skating and surfing. She is also a skilled make up artist.

Trivia Edit

  • Akiko Yoshii is the name Akihisa uses every time he cross-dresses. He most likely got it from her.
  • Akiko is usually mistaken for Akihisa's twin though they are cousins and one year apart.
  • She is the only girl who doesn't tease, beat up or insult Akihisa in anyway due to how much she respects and looks up to him.
  • The name "Akiko" means "Autumn Child", aki = autumn and ko = child.
  • Akiko is the only girl who beats up Kouta for being a disgusting pervert. Even with this she is best friends with his younger sister, Hinata Tsuchiya,
  • She is in between Mizuki and Minami, because she is less violent than Minami but has a larger bust and is not as smart as Mizuki but is less naive.
  • She is one of five people who accept that Hideyoshi's a guy, others being Yuko, Kokoa, Yuuji and Akira.
  • The nickname "Aki" is also used for her but because Akihisa's nickname is also "Aki", Aiko gave her the nickname "Kiki" instead.
  • She breaks the Fourth Wall a lot in the forth season and is always scolded for doing it by Hideyoshi.

References Edit

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