Akenomyosei Mion
明けの明星 美音 Akenomyōsei Mion
SeasonLegendary Idol Venus
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
First AppearanceLIV01
Alter EgoIdol Venus
Japanese Voice ActorAzusa Kataoka
Akenomyosei Mion (明けの明星 美音 Akenomyōsei Mion?) is the lead character of the series. She dreams of being an idol ever since she was a child. Now at age sixteen, she meets a talking cat named Aijo who gives her the Heart Compact. Using it, she turns into the legendary idol Venus.




Pre-Mion AgeEdit

Before being born as Mion, she was a Princess about to be queen who died in a war after a guard who tried to protect her. Acording to Yugure, she was a kind and helpful young woman who's beauty was unmatched.

Meeting AijoEdit



Mion has medium length blonde hair with her bangs parted to the right. A small stand hangs from each side. She usually wears it in a ponytail. She has bright blue eyes with long lashes. Outside of her school uniform she wears an orange top with ehite shorts and a yellow flannel. She pairs it with brown ankle boots with a decoractive button on the outer the outside of the boot.


As Venus, her hair stays the same color but gets longer is left down. Her eyes also stay the same. She wears a red and white shirt under a white jacket. The top of the shirt has a black bow. With it she wears a white skirt with a black trim at the bottom. She wears black socks that stop just before her knees. Her boots are black with a white and red trim. The boots stop just before her socks do. Her heart compact rests on the bow.


  • Rockin' Rouge
  • Rouge Coeur



  • Her last name Akenomyosei (明けの明星) means morning star and her first name Mion (美音) means beautiful sound


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