Aikatsu Spectrum!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Series Info
Opening SongPikkari Heart
Ending SongKiramekimasu

SuccessorSeason 2

Aikatsu Spectrum! (アイカツスペクトラム!?) is a new Aikatsu! series created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

Plot Edit

Meet Ichimaru Hbiki, a cold but musically talented girl. One day, her friend Fujiwara Hikari applies the two to Kazumi Symphony Academy in which helps young girls chase their dreams. After auditioning for the Academy, Hibiki makes it in and her Aikatsu is about to start!

Characters Edit

Primavera☆Starlight Edit

Main article: Ichimaru Hibiki

Hibiki is the main protagonist of the series. She is rather cold but has a powerful voice when singing and is rumored to be the next Top Idol. She is also talented with the guitar and often writes her own songs. Her preferred brand is *Sunrise* and her idol color is orange. She is voiced by Hikasa Yoko whilst her singing voice is provided by Miyama Karen. She is cool-typed.

Main article: Fujiwara Hikari

Hikari is Hibiki's childhood friend who applied the both of them to Kazumi Symphony Academy. She is a friendly and energetic girl who loves fashion and designing clothes. Her self created and preferred brand is Lumen☆ and her idol color is yellow. She is voiced by Chiba Chiemi whilst her singing voice is provided by Mizuki Nana. She is cute-typed.

Main article: Hanamaru Mayuki

Mayuki is a shy but clumsy girl in Hibiki and Hikari's class. However, she is a very talented dancer as the daughter of a famous choreographer. Despite this, Mayuki doesn't like being popular and prefers to stay out of large crowds. Her preferred brand is Dancing Rose and her idol color is green. She is voiced by Tomatsu Haruka and her singing voice is provided by Shimamura Yuu. She is pop-typed.

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Kazumi Symphony Academy Staff Edit

  • Asamura Emiru - The Headmistress of the Academy. She is very kind and caring whilst also being very strict and having high expectations for her students, especially Hibiki.

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