General Information
BN Pictures
NetworkHibiki TV
Original RunOctober 1, 2015
Opening SongDreamy~PRIDE
Ending SongDancing Star!!!
Series Info
PredecessorAikatsu! Season 3
SuccessorMiracle Warriors
Aikatsu! (アイカツ! Aikatsu!?, lit. Idol Activities!) is a Japanese idol anime and is the "official" fourth season of Aikatsu!. The season will follow two new students of Starlight Academy as they perform as idols to become the Starlight Queen. The season is set to premiere on October 1, 2015 with a new theme of dreams.


Episode List

It's almost the new school year for Starlight Academy and girls from all over Japan are taking the entry exams to become idols-in-training at the school. During the entry exam, two girls shine as bright as stars in the night sky, passing with flying colours. These two girls turn out to be the optimistic Takahashi Maiha and the blunt Moriya Hoshimi who both have one thing in common:

Becoming idols due to the legendary idol unit, Masquerade!

But what will they do when two rivaling idols that shine as bright as them appear from the rivaling school, Dream Academy?


Starlight IdolsEdit


  • Takahashi Maiha (高橋まいは Takahashi Maiha?): A 13 year old freshman at Starlight Academy who has dreamt of being an idol since she saw the legendary idol unit, Masquerade perform on TV. Maiha is a optimistic girl who has a passion for dancing and singing. She is great at motivating others and can sometimes be found fantasizing about her dreams for the future or random stories in her head. She loves performing with Hoshimi and is said to have the voice of an angel. A cute idol, Maiha's theme color is magenta and her favourite brand is Amour Magic.
  • Moriya Hoshimi (森谷ほしみ Moriya Hoshimi?): The niece of Mitsuishi Orihime who aims to surpass the legendary idol unit, Masquerade with a girl who holds as much talent as she does. Hoshimi is a stubborn and blunt girl who is confident in her abilities to become the top idol of Starlight Academy. She has trouble making friends due to always wanting to come out at the top of the ladder but after meeting Maiha, begins changing her attitude and becoming more friendlier. A cool idol, Hoshimi's theme color is cool green and her favourite brand is Starry☆Wish.


  • Kurosawa Rin (黒沢凛 Kurosawa Rin?): A second year student, the roommate of Madoka and the mentor for Moriya Hoshimi, Rin has a passion for dancing and can get nervous and flustered very easily.
  • Amahane Madoka (天羽まどか Amahane Madoka?): A second year student of Starlight Academy, the roommate of Rin and the mentor for Takahashi Maiha, Madoka is a sweet girl who lacks self-confidence in the way she performs.

Rival IdolsEdit

  • Inoue Miyu (井上みゆ Inoue Miyu?): A 13 year old freshman at Dream Academy who has been rivals with Hoshimi since being a child. Miyu is a hardworking girl who has quite the temper when angry. She is stubborn and prefers to work alone and dreams of being an actor and singer who spreads love and happiness throughout the world. She is a fan of anime and dislikes it when others catch her fan-girling over it since she thinks it's embarrassing that she got her inspiration to be an actor and an idol from it. A sexy idol, Miyu's theme color is lilac and her favourite brand is SPICY AGEHA.
  • Ichinose Anita (一之瀬アニタ Ichinose Anita?): A 14 year old student at Dream Academy who loves performing and dreams of being a top designer. Anita is a calm and collected girl who is part British and part Japanese. She loves fashion and in her free time, her friends can catch her either designing clothes or reading magazines. She gets upset really easily and when she is upset, she only ever eats food, which can get difficult to take away from her. She gets nervous easily when it comes to performing and is the childhood friend of Maiha. A pop idol, Anita's theme colour is sky blue and her favourite brand is Splashful~Sky.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Mitsuishi Orihime (光石織姫 Mitsuishi Orihime?): The headmistress of Starlight Academy, Orihime is a kind yet stern woman who is also Hoshimi's aunt.


  • Aikatsu Phone Shine (アイカツフォンシャイン Aikatsu Fon Shain?) - The newest installment of the original Aikatsu Phone.
  • Aikatsu Cards (アイカツカード Aikatsu Kādo?) - The cards are used by students of idol-producing schools to dress up their appearances for performances.



Amour MagicEdit

Amour Magic is an Aikatsu! card brand with its style symbolizing love and magic. It is a brand used by Takahashi Maiha.


Starry☆Wish is an Aikatsu! card brand with its style symbolizing coolness in dreams. It is a brand used by Moriya Hoshimi.


Splashful~Sky is an Aikatsu! card brand with its style symbolizing the ocean and the sky from pop music. It is a brand used and created by Ichinose Anita.



SPICY AGEHA is an Aikatsu! card brand with it's style symbolizing sexiness which gives the wearer a graceful, elegantly mature feel. It is a brand used by Inoue Miyu.






  • Instead of starting off with three main girl like Season 1 and 3, this season begins with two main girls.