Act 1: The Birth of a New Warrior!
Japanese title Act 1 新戦士の誕生!
Episode Information
Episode no. 01
Airdate April 11, 2015
Languages Japanese
Duration 21 minutes
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Act 2: From a Young Girl's Heart

Act 1: The Birth of a New Warrior! (Act 1 新戦士の誕生! Act 1 Shin senshi no tanjō!) is the first episode of Mahou Shoujo Alumi. It will air on April 11, 2015.


Hikari has recently started her first year at the All Girls' Christian Academy, but her life takes a turn when she stumbles upon the Magical Commune while on her way to school one day.


The episode begins with a view of a night sky. Suddenly, a shooting star falls from it. Hikari notices it, and wishes for her junior high years to be great. Right before she heads to bed, a second one falls. As she notices it, she wishes to help people to a greater extent than before. She turns off her lights, and goes to bed.

The next morning, she is awoken by the sound of her dad calling for her downstairs. Hikari rushes down after getting dressed to find both of her parents sitting at the dining table, who can only say that they hope for a wonderful junior high experience. Hikari suddenly notices there is nothing coming to take her to the school, so she is left to immediately run out of the room, rice ball in mouth, and head her way.

With one more block until the school entrance, Hikari runs even faster in hopes she won't be late, until she trips and falls on the concrete. She notices a strange device that had been lying there. She loudly asks if someone had left it on the ground, but to no success. She keeps it, but as she runs the rest of the way, she hears a voice tell her she is the destined one.

Upon arriving to her classroom, she is astonished to see how small it is, but is quickly surprised to find her friend attending the same school. The two become very excited, until a a brown-head girl begs them to calm down. They do so just as a lady walks in, introducing herself as their teacher Hideaki Umeka. After everyone introduces themselves and tells a little about them, Umeka whispers to herself she is interested in Hikari.

At lunch, all three girls notice that no other students are in the room. Kiyoshi mentions that she has heard that all three classes have different lunch times, and the three sit at a round table. They all tell a little more about themselves and how their breaks went, but suddenly realize they've been talking too much and need to eat within the given 30 minutes. Kiyoshi accidentally drops her drink, but Hikari rushes to get paper towels to clean the mess up, before throwing away the trash. Kiyoshi thanks her, then the bell rings to go back to class. Hibiki tells Kiyoshi that Hikari is a very sweet girl, before they head off, with Hikari hurrying to catch up to them.

After the final bell rings, Hikari decides to head back to the house, when Hibiki catches up to walk with her. All of a sudden, Hibiki faints, although Hikari manages to catch her. A voice calls out to her to hide, and, with struggle, drops Hibiki and runs into a stall. Inside the stall, a mysterious woman appears, freaking Hikari. The woman introduces herself as Tamashii, and says she was that voice from earlier. She explains to her about the device, dubbed as the Magical Commune, that was found, and says that she should already know how to transform. Hikari struggles and becomes much more anxious, before finally turning the dial at the top of the device and transforming into Alumi. Meanwhile, a shadow appears over Hibiki's body and mentions about stealing her energy to help its master conquer the world.

All of a sudden, a voice tells the figure to stop its actions. The figure, revealed as a boy, turns to see another figure in the distance. He says if he has to fight, he will do it by force. The figure comes forward, saying that there will be a fight, and the boy will lose. The boy introduces himself as Jack, and asks who this challenger is. The other figure is revealed to be Alumi, and immediately after introducing herself, she freaks out and says to herself that this is a horrible idea. At first, she is forced to dodge Jack's trickery and attacks, but she hears Tamashii's voice again, telling her that she can attack. Jack blocks her in a corner and prepares for a final blow. Alumi, now scared, tries to summon something, and manages to summon the Miracle Bow. Tamashii's voice comes back, and says that that bow can deal damage to the enemy, and that it is just the first part of the Miracle Weaponry. She shoots at Jack, who falls and becomes paralyzed for a second before he states he will have his revenge one day.

The next day, at the school, Hibiki starts to daydream about what had happened yesterday. Kiyoshi wonders to herself if Hibiki is just being strange, although Hikari denies that. Secretly, Hikari is frustrated about how she has to fight evil with such a strange form, but remembers her wish the other night about helping people to a greater extent, and decides she will continue. Suddenly, Hibiki gets her attention by inviting her to get a drink of water, which the two do so, while Hibiki still thinks about who it was that saved her, and Hikari smiles, not knowing her thoughts. As the episode comes to an end, a little diamond-like object appears on Hikari's desk.


All characters in this episode make their first debut. Thus, this is the only character tab shown for this episode.


  • The object on Hikari's desk at the end of the episode will lead into episode 2's introduction.

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